Meagan A.

Detail-Oriented Data Entry Specialist

Hello! I am a highly skilled Data Entry and Management Specialist with a strong background in data accuracy, research, and documentation. My expertise in Microsoft Office Suite 365, coupled with exceptional time management and organizational skills, ensures that I deliver precise and efficient data management solutions. Strengths and Skills: Data Entry and Cleaning: Proficient in maintaining accurate records, data cleaning, and ensuring data integrity. Microsoft Office Suite 365: Extensive experience with Excel, Word, and other Office applications to manage and organize data effectively. Research and Documentation: Strong research skills and meticulous documentation to support data-driven decision-making. Attention to Detail and Accuracy: A keen eye for detail to ensure the highest level of accuracy in all tasks.


  • Google Sheets
  • Online Research
  • Research Documentation
  • WordPress
  • Spreadsheet Software
  • List Building