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At two cents a word, hiring an editor to review an average length novel costs around $1500. I get it. Not everyone has that kind of money lying around, and even amongst those that do, it's hard to make that kind of commitment. This is a shame because the feedback of an editor can come in handy during many points of the creative process. For example... What if you want to bounce ideas off a professional before you commit further to a premise? What if you want guidance during the revision process, but know you're still far from needing a full edit? What if you want to find out if the editor will be compatible with your style and process? If these scenarios resonate with you, consider utilizing my tiered editing services: 1) Chapter One Consultations: $15 My lowest commitment service. Send me your first chapter and any blurb/outline material you have, and I will provide 3 points that you can look to improve in your next round of revisions. Recommended for early drafts and new writers. Publishers can diagnose prevailing issues with your manuscript simply based on the writing you display on the first page. I will replicate that same slush-pile scrutiny for you, whilst actually providing feedback. 2) Mid-Revision Reviews: $150 My mid-tier service. Send me your full manuscript and whatever blurb/outline materials you have, and I will go through your work and list the first 10 points you can look to improve in your next round of revisions. I stop reading when I reach 10. Not recommended for first drafts. The less polished your work is, the more obvious my recommendations will be and the higher chances I won't get very far into your manuscript. When you've gotten too close to your material, let my fresh set of eyes point you back in the right direction. With these two services, I believe any writer can self-edit their way to a publisher-ready manuscript. But if you're want to take it to the next level I also offer the following: 3) Full Developmental Edit: $0.02 per word The full monty. Send me your full manuscript and whatever blurb/outline material you have, and I will go through and assess it on plot structure, character development, writing quality, etc. Recommended for experienced writers and established clients. You will receive a fully annotated manuscript, custom story documents, and an editorial summary. Subsequent reviews get reduced pricing; proofreading & ghostwriting services are negotiable. Don't let financial constraints or the fear of commitment impede your creative journey. Contact me, and take advantage of my affordable and flexible editing services today.
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5.00 May 13, 2022 - May 28, 2022
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