Sam V.
BellvilleSouth Africa
100% Job Success

SaaS Manager / Consultant

Hi! I have spent my career working in SaaS, most recently as COO of a Swedish Marketing company. I would describe myself as a bit of a generalist, doing what needs to be done across many business areas. These are some of the areas that I have the most experience in: Consulting & Strategy development (Business & Marketing) Project Management Growing teams & mentoring Product/Integration consulting & scoping Account Management Sales & Onboarding Marketing campaign setups Documenting and process mapping for the above areas I'm a highly critical thinker and problem solver with the experience and emotional intelligence necessary to manage/mentor others and help them grow. I'm a firm believer in the Multipliers philosophy - I use my knowledge, skills and mentorship to make the people around me more effective, and help them do the same. I'm also a believer in the Growth Mindset and have spent years cultivating one within myself and others in the organizations I've worked with. As an example of what I've achieved, in March 2017 I started working with FunnelBud Marketing in Sweden as the resident expert in SharpSpring (Marketing Automation). At the time, the company consisted of the CEO, myself and a front-end developer servicing 4 clients. Over the space of 4 years, I helped the company grow into a 13 person team including 7 Project Managers, 2 front-end developers and 2 back-end developers with 60 clients and a significantly higher runway, all bootstrapped. My role in the company was initially focused around account management and helping the founder sell what could realistically be achieved, and then implement that for the clients. Within 3 months I was mentoring our first project manager to do the same and my role began evolving into mentoring others, creating standardization within business processes and the services delivered. As a scarce technical resource within this fast growing organization, my goal was to educate and guide others in the right direction, enabling them to ultimately help themselves and eventually others, making myself progressively more redundant in the day-to-day running of the business to ensure that it could be self-sustaining. Over time our steady growth allowed us to hire a back end developer to build integrations for our clients and begin to create our own add-on products, where I developed the business cases, scoping and overall functional design. At the same time I started stepping away from direct account management to a mentorship role for other account managers and our developers, hiring new team members and creating a culture of growth, collaboration and self-improvement. I am proud to say that by the time I left the company it had become fully self-sustaining and was able to flourish and grow without my further input. If you think I can help your business become more successful, please reach out and let's have a chat.


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