Emmanuel O.

Emmanuel O.


Crypto Analyst, Investor & Trader, Forex Trader, Web developer

I’m a 24 year old student of Federal University of Technology Minna, Studying Cyber Security Science, a Cryptocurrency Analyst, investor and trader, I'm also a FOREX Trader, trading both currency and Synthetic indices. I’m a Blockchain enthusiast with a lot of prospects but handicapped a bit due to lack of exposure, I learn remotely from free Online courses. I have three years of Experience in Cryptocurrency investment and analysis. Web3 is a new Internet Technology, It's gives worth to potential everything online just a Metamask away. Blockchain development is my major and I've quite some experience there, I know quite a lot on the theory behind it, but I am finetuning myself presently at the development Ends. In terms of Research, my method of analysis is based on the utility of the token and market sentiments based on the Fundamental analysis and not just the Technical analysis. Instincts also plays a role here due to my longevity in this space. I spend hours daily on Research on discords, Twitter, YouTube and medium just to move along with the trends and keep myself updated in this space. If you Trust GOD, You can Trust me too💯💯.


  • Forex Trading
  • Web Application
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Graphic Design