Loveleine  F.

Proficient Amazon FBA Product Researcher

Hello! I am Loveleine, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management here in the Philippines. I have undergone an intensive training in School for Amazon FBA here in the Philippines, an online education platform that helps and educate aspiring Amazon Virtual Assistant to be a successful and effective product researcher. During my on the job training, I have found winning products both in US and UK marketplace within a day. With the intensive training that I have surpassed and my profound product research skills, I was able to familiarize the Amazon business model, sourcing techniques, the basic tools use in sourcing, Hazmat and IP brands, basic and advance Keepa reading, basic knowledge in Helium 10, AZInsight, Selleramp SAS and Tactical Arbitrage. I am confident that my product research skills and past work experience and trainings could make exceptional contributions to help your business generate winning deals and increase monthly sales. I am a freelancer with a dedication to give 100% client satisfaction through providing winning deals and proper account management and optimization. • Tools I utilize: ✔Keepa ✔Online Seller Addon ✔DS- Amazon quick view ✔Seller amp - SAS ✔ Right Click Search on Amazon ✔Amazonia Right-click ✔Amazon Scout Calculator ✔AZinsight ✔Tactical Arbitrage ✔Helium 10 • Hard core skills: 🔴Amazon Product Researcher 🔴Keepa Master 🔴Amazon FBA 🔴Amazon Online Arbitrage 🔴Amazon Wholesale 🔴Google Applications an Microsoft Office 🔴Canva Application (Create basic Canva graphic designs) Soft mastered-skills: 🔴Proficient in English communication and listening skills 🔴Social-media managing skills 🔴Chat support skills 🔴Sales and Marketing skills 🔴Highly adaptable, fast learner with exceptional teamwork skills 🔴Observant individual with great attention to details. If you think that my profile is a winning deal, I am just one invitation away. I am at your service! 😊 Have a wonderful day and all the best! Loveleine


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