Ivan N.
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AI | Chatbot | ChatGPT | GPT 4 | Langchain | Python | NodeJs | Java

Expert-vetted (top 1%) Upwork freelancer. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Ivan seamlessly navigated the complexities of the non-deterministic nature of OpenAI/LLMs. Highly recommend! Ivan - Exceptional work on our POC. Thank you." Specializing in the domain of chatbot development, I provide advanced solutions tailored to modern business needs: - Data-Informed Training: Through website scraping and file uploads, I can train the chatbot with precise company data, ensuring accuracy and relevance in its interactions. - Conversational Flow Design: Utilizing states and transitions, I structure the conversation trajectory to make it intuitive and in alignment with the intended user journey. - Memory Retention Capability: My chatbots are designed to store and recall information throughout conversations, providing users with consistent and contextual interactions. - Real-Time Writing Streams: I incorporate real-time writing dynamics, where messages are penned word by word, offering an engaging user experience. - Custom Frontend Design: Recognizing the distinctiveness of each brand, I design tailored chatbot frontends that not only function seamlessly but also resonate with brand identities. - Multilingual Support: Catering to a global audience is made easier with chatbots that support multiple languages, ensuring effective communication across borders. - Integration with Social Media Platforms: My solutions extend to integrating chatbots on platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp, ensuring businesses are accessible across popular channels. - I have expertise in building both customer-facing bots and stuff-oriented internal company bots. - My portfolio includes more than a dozen of chatbots for different businesses and use-cases. Offering comprehensive chatbot solutions, I prioritize precision, efficiency, and user experience. If you seek to enhance your brand's digital interactions, I am here to deliver tailored, professional chatbot solutions. Customer preferences are shifting towards "querying" rather than "searching". AI chatbots are becoming a necessity for every business that wants to keep their customers happy. Don't be left behind this trend - your clients would not forgive you!

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  • Spring Framework
  • API Integration
  • Database Architecture
  • Web Application
  • RESTful API
  • RESTful Architecture