Abdullah O.

Autodesk maya| Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Inc., Autodesk AutoCAD, CAD

CAREER OBJECTIVE: Quest to work in a real professional atmosphere that enables me to scope up with the emerging as well as latest technologies and scope of winding the spectrum of knowledge, and to render my sincere services in an organization where education qualifications are utilized and to achieve the organizations objective and give them satisfactory needs. PROFILE: More than 05 years of combined experience in oracle (ERP) and 3D animation, Starting with basics, Modeling, Rigging, animation, visual effect. Expert in modeling construction high rise buildings. ERP systems to track business resources (such as cash, raw materials, and production capacity) and the status of commitments made by the business (such as customer orders, purchase orders), no matter which department (manufacturing, purchasing, sales, accounting, and so on) has entered the data into the system. Exceedingly focused demonstrated leader, with the ability to consistently accomplish corporate