Tu N.
Vung TauVietnam

I can fulfill your request well.

Are you looking to design a sales site? Or a personal website? Is your website outdated and in need of an upgrade with new features? So why haven't you connected with me yet? I'm a programmer with 3 years of experience in the JavaScript language (And a little bit of C#). I have experienced many projects including sales, virtual currency, investment projects,... You can refer to the website: - Fin365 (Website to support accumulation and investment) - Litnow (Sales site for installment) I am patient and meticulous in my work, unlike other freelancers who always complete in a hurry, I am committed to completing well and equally quickly. - I don't wait until 5pm to shut down, I will focus on getting my work done. - Research new features to support you better. - Suggest you the choice to make our website complete as best as possible. But don't worry, I always have time to take care of my personal health, and always have enough energy to go with you. And working with you also helps me find new projects in my mind so WHY HAVEN'T YOU TEXTED ME YET?


  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Bootstrap
  • Vietnamese
  • Facebook JavaScript
  • Angular