Andrey l.

World-Class 10X Digital Marketer For 6-Figure Businesses

TL;DR - You need a Sales Page Copy, Email Marketing Services or Funnel building, I am the ONLY seller on Upwork who'll deliver all three to perfection for you! So, let me ask you a question... You've probably heard of email marketing, sales page copywriting, and funnel building, right? These three services are literally "The Cash-Flow Trifecta for 6-Figure Businesses" and I do each one really well... seriously, wait till you hire me! Here's the kicker, whether you're already running a 6-figure business or aiming to get there, you need these three services to maximize profits - and if you're saying " Not me 😏" - Yeah! I bet you do. I mean who doesn't need more customers and more cha-chings 🤑? Not you? Get out of town! So name is Andrey and you're going to love working with me - hopefully 🙂 Now, the cool thing about Upwork is that you are one click away from working with me - the ONE person who will turn ANY audience in ANY NICHE to your cash-cows using persuasive copies, irresistible sales funnels and insanely captivating email marketing automations ✅ Now, unlike 99.99% of the sellers on this site, I am one of the very few verified experts in Email Marketing, Script/Copywriting, and Funnel Building. This means, when you hire me, you eliminate the need to hire 3 different freelancers - a Copywriter, an Email Marketer and a Funnel Builder. Don't just take my word for it, let's talk numbers because you know, numbers don't lie. I have a track record of driving measurable results in: Email Marketing: I've designed and managed email marketing campaigns for a health and wellness brand that led to a 35% increase in their click-through rates and a 28% increase in their conversion rates over six months. Sales Page Copywriting: I crafted a sales page for a tech startup which resulted in a 50% increase in their product sales within the first three months of launch. Funnel Building: For an e-commerce client, I designed and implemented a sales funnel that led to a 40% increase in their conversion rate, contributing to a 30% increase in their overall revenue in just four months. You see, these aren't just services I offer. These are areas I've excelled in, driving measurable results for businesses across different sectors. So when you hire me, you're not just getting a freelancer; you're getting a dedicated partner who will go the extra mile to ensure your business growth via; Email Marketing: I'll create copies, visually appealing HTML emails, optimize campaigns, automate email sequences, and provide consultation calls Script/Copywriting: I'll craft compelling copies for all forms of sales pages. For those reading this and wanting to create webinars, I'll use Russell Brunson's Perfect Webinar Framework to create stories and powerful presentations to sell your high-ticket products! Funnel Building: I'll design and implement webinar/sales funnels, optimize each stage, and increase conversion rates and revenue I mean how cool is it that you've found the ONLY person on this site who perfectly combines the powers of The Cash-Flow Trifecta for 6-Figure Businesses and will also go the extra mile for you 🤯 Don't believe me? Here's what our last client had to say👇🏽 "Extremely Knowledgable, communicates well and provides a comprehensive approach. You'll be happy you hired him" - One Panda Social - Social Media Marketing Agency in Dublin, Ireland, Now, I have to admit, I take pride in my work....🫣 I want you to brag about me to your friends and say you've found a reliable, results-driven partner for all your digital marketing needs. And because I want that, I'll go above and beyond to to deliver top-notch, result-oriented services! But here's the catch, I genuinely don't work with everyone ❌. While I'm passionate about helping businesses grow, I believe in fostering positive, professional relationships with my clients. Therefore, I prefer to work with clients who are as committed to their business growth as I am. So if you're serious about taking your business to the next level, then I'm the right choice for you. Let's start with a deep dive call where I'll ask questions to understand your business, your customers, and how we can create the perfect growth trifecta for your business. Still reading this? I have a much more profitable suggestion 👉🏼 Click the green button you see to contact me 😊. My schedule fills up fast, and I'd hate for you to miss out.! PS: If there's a delay in my response here, I'm very likely busy with projects both on Upwork and for our offline clients at Abervin Digital, CO.

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