Gopi V.

Amazon FBA Campaign Flipkart Listing Optimization

Hello! 😊 Meet with Amazon Expert! Gopi V and I specialize in the following areas: 🎯 Amazon PPC Advertising (Sales & Growth) 🎯 Amazon Listing Optimization & Copywriting 🎯 Amazon Expert 🎯 Amazon PPC Expert 🎯 Amazon PPC 🎯 Amazon FBA 🎯 Amazon Listing 🎯 Amazon virtual assistant 🎯 Amazon PPC specialist Over the past 6 years, I have acquired extensive knowledge in PPC Advertising while working with Multi-Million dollar brands like Mankind Portfolio consisting of Manforce, Prega News, Ovanews, PetStar. Under Health & wellness segment Swisse, Truefarms and others Here are the services I offer: ✅ Listing Optimization (SEO) - Including Titles, Bullets, Description, EBC (Enhanced Brand Content), and A+ Content ✅ Paid Advertising PPC Management - Including Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, Display Ads, AMS, DSP/Video ✅ Brand Management ✅ International Marketplace Expansion and Ad Management (US, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, France) ✅ Weekly and Monthly Reporting I understand how to save time and money, as demonstrated by my satisfied clients whom I have helped manage monthly budgets ranging from $10,000 to $70,000. By achieving the best sales and the lowest ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale), I have enabled them to enjoy their business on Amazon. It's important to note that listing optimization and PPC go hand in hand. It's not just about having a well-structured PPC campaign; a visually appealing listing and compelling, connection-making content are what turn visitors into buyers. If your goal is to minimize the chaos in your FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) journey, let's connect. I use my own data analysis tools and techniques and continuously attend conferences to stay updated on Amazon business and PPC knowledge. ☀️I provide the following services in which I combine motivation with a can-do management style that corresponds with the requirements of your organization. 🔎 Keyword Research: I’ll make sure to provide you with the best keyword research and Amazon suggested top rated to use in your listing content and in the backend search terms field. ☑️ Listing & Optimization: I will assist you with creating amazing, SEO-friendly, and eye-catching Amazon product listings with title, bullet points, and descriptions (HTML or EBC). 🛃 Account Health & Customer Support: Dealing with customers is a completely different job that requires a steady, calm head. I'll be taking care of Product Returns & Refunds, Warranty Claims, A to Z Claims, etc. to provide you with full assistance. Additionally, I offer on-demand e-commerce services for, Amazon (Seller, Vendor central), eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Wayfair and other B2B platforms including the following: 🔥Full Account Management 🔥Custom Brand store Design & Creation 🔥Advertising strategic planning and profit analysis 🔥Product Launches 🔥Listing Content Creation 🔥Brand Analysis 🔥Wayfair listing 👀Take a close look at a few of the main platforms👀 ✅Amazon Seller Central: 🎯 Walmart Ads Manager. 🎯 Amazon Expert. 🎯 Amazon PPC Expert. 🎯 Amazon PPC. 🎯 Amazon FBA. 🎯 Amazon PPC Manager. 🎯 Amazon FBA Expert. 🎯 Amazon Listing. 🎯 Amazon Listing Expert. 🎯 Amazon virtual assistant. 🎯 Amazon PPC specialist. 🎯 Amazon variation add/fix 🎯Wayfair Expert 🎯Amazon complex flat file fixing 🎯Amazon category approval/Ungating 🎯Amazon listing upload 🎯Amazon feed upload 🎯Amazon Brand Registry-related Issues 🎯Amazon Template modification 🎯Amazon inventory upload 🎯Amazon listing modification 🎯Amazon Seller Central Account Management 🎯Amazon FBA listing 🎯Amazon Product image editing using photoshop 🎯Amazon Product image editing with white background 🎯Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Upload ✅Amazon Vendor Central: 💢Purchase Orders (POs) 💢Reimbursement and chargeback 💢Listing new items via NIS file 💢Updating existing listings in bulk 💢Variation creation 💢Document submission, like SDS, UN 38 💢Bulk images upload via pdf 💢Resolving errors in the suppressed images 💢Fixing cot issues 💢I know how to collect ARA Basic data and how to identify chargebacks, POs, etc. 💢Inventory Management system 💢Content Update 💢Amazon Vendor Expert 📞 Let's schedule a call to discuss how we can grow and scale your business. 🌠 WISHING YOU HUGE SALES WITH BIG PROFITS! Thank you. 😊