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Economist | Financial Analyst | ACCA | Data Analyst | PhD Researcher

Greetings! Allow me to introduce myself—a passionate individual dedicated to the realms of Economics and Finance, striving to make a substantial impact on your long-term projects. I am proud to hold an MPhil degree in Economics and Finance from the prestigious Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) in Islamabad and PhD in Progress from the Bonn Graduate School of Economics, University of Bonn. I have gained invaluable experience as a Research Assistant at PIDE, Islamabad. This role has provided me with invaluable insights into conducting rigorous analysis, synthesizing information, and contributing to impactful research projects. Through this experience, I have sharpened my critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, enabling me to navigate complex economic and financial landscapes. As a highly qualified Financial Consultant, I bring a strong background in Accounting and Finance, backed by my prestigious certification from the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP) as a Certified Management, Accounting and Finance professional (CAF). With four years of experience gained at a reputable Big 4 accounting firm, I have developed a comprehensive skill set in various areas of financial management. My expertise lies in #Bookkeeping, #Accounts Finalizing, and the meticulous Preparation of #FinancialStatements, ensuring accuracy and adherence to accounting standards. I am well-versed in the preparation of Reconciliation Statements, which helps in identifying any discrepancies and maintaining financial integrity. Furthermore, with my diverse skill set and a strong foundation in accounting and finance, I am well-equipped to provide top-notch financial consultancy services. I strive for excellence in every aspect of my work, ensuring that my clients receive accurate, reliable, and valuable financial advice. To summarize, I am a dedicated professional in the field of Economics and Finance, armed with a notable academic background, hands-on research experience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. By enlisting my services, you can expect exceptional support for your projects, as well as the opportunity to unlock the full potential of your endeavors. I have a lot of experience conducting online research and writing on a variety of topics. Numerous academic works, including #essays, #articles, SEO articles, coursework, #dissertations, #proposals, projects, #businessplans, and #personalstatements, have been produced, edited, and proofread by me. Furthermore, I am proficient in a variety of formatting techniques, including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and IEEE. The offense of plagiarism is serious. Writing in my own words, citing sources, and properly paraphrasing helped me understand how to prevent it. My skills include delivering original work, turning things around quickly, and—most importantly—having a broad range of experience in research and writing due to my more than 5 years in the field. You will appreciate the high quality work of a seasoned writer if you give me any type of writing. I offer the following products and services: ECONOMICS Field:- ✅#Economics Data collection ✅#EconomicsAnalysis ✅#BasicEconomics ✅#Microeconomics ✅#Macroeconomics ✅#IntermediateMicroeconomics ✅#IntermediateMacroeconomics ✅#InternationalEconomics ✅#DevelopmentalEconomics ✅#Econometrics ✅#PublicEconomics ✅#AdvancedEconomics ✅#Econometrics ✅#EconomicsTheory ✅#GameTheory Many more.. FINANCE Field:- ✅#Accounting and #Finance ✅#FinancialAnalysis ✅#RatioAnalysis ✅#FinancialStatements ✅#BalanceSheet ✅#Profitandloss ✅#Cash and Flow Statement ✅#Income Statement ✅#Financial Valuation ✅#Break-even analysis plus Any other analysis needed. ✅#DCFValuation ✅#Scenarios and #SensitivityAnalysis ✅#BookingKeeping ✅#Taxation ✅#Audit ✅#FinancialAnalysis and Advanced #FinancialReporting ✅ #WebsiteContent ✅ #BusinessPlans & proposals ✅ #FinancialAnalysis ✅ #SWOTAnalysis ✅ #EconomicAnalysis ✅ #TechnicalWriting ✅ #Investment & project appraisal content ✅ #Blogs ✅ #Cryptocurrency & Blockchain content ✅ #SEO content ✅ #Proofreading (non-academic) ✅ #YouTube Scripts ✅ Whitepaper ✅ Technology content ✅ Artificial intelligence ✅ Social Media posts ✅ Grant writing ✅ Column, editorial & news ✅ Product descriptions and marketing. ✅ Market research & analysis ✅ Course contents & assessments SKILLS ✅ Advance Excel ✅ Latent Semantic Indexing (SEO) ✅ Google's Algorithm ✅ MS PowerPoint & MS Word ✅ #GoogleSheets ✅ #DataVisualization ✅ Advance writing techniques ✅ Math skills ✅ Advance Google search BACKGROUND ✅MPhil Economics and Finance ✅Certified Accounting and Finance professional (CAF) ✅Cost and Management Accountant ✅ACCA ✅PIPFA ✅CPA

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  • Accounting
  • Financial Report
  • Finance
  • Business Planning & Strategy
  • Financial Analysis & Valuation
  • Financial Statements Preparation
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Microeconomics
  • Statistics

Get started working with Nouman quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Nouman quickly with these predefined projects.

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