Van V.

Van V.


Direct response copywriter: email & sales letter copywriter

This is supposed to be my pitch to you... But I'll keep it super simple. My name is Van and I'm a direct response email and sales page copywriter. With my copy chops, I helped 7 figure brand: - 2x their email earnings - Improve their open rates by 5-10% - Increase the number of repeat buyers By using my "push-pull" writing method that only me and my clients have access to. I can write: 1. Sales emails 2. Announcement emails 3. Story-based emails 4. Email flows (welcome flow, abandoned cart flow, sunset flow,...) 5. Sales pages that convert on cold traffic Why am I different? I have a weird syndrome... ... I'm punctual ... I overdeliver ... I provide multiple subject lines and leads And also... I run my own email list where I'm building my own army of repeat buyers. This gives me a deeper understanding of what currently works, what gets clicks, and what gets people to open an email. Now as you can probably see... I'm new to the Upwork, this is why: 1.) You can see I'm a candidate for the Rooky of the year award on Upwork 2.) My price is a little lower than the industry standard So if you want to take advantage of that... send me a message :) Also if you want to see some of my samples... send me a message. Looking forward to hearing from you. Van Vizovisek
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