Ryan S.

Experienced App And Web Developer

Please visit me at RyanKenSmith.com for more information! I'm a Software Engineer and full-stack Web/Mobile App developer who is passionate about building sophisticated yet accessible programs to meet the needs of the end user. I am goal-oriented, results-driven, pragmatic, and very passionate about critical-thinking, problem solving, and attention to detail. In my past, I have learned and implemented many interesting applications and games using C++ and C#. With my passion and dedication to programming, I not only obtained the knowledge to develop in 3 separate full stacks, but I specifically obtained the beneficial skill to learn ANYTHING at a very efficient and fast pace! With a strict schedule and the continuous persistence of determination, there is nothing I cannot achieve! Feel free to get in touch with me about any opportunities! Technical Skill Set: Game Development: Proficient in Unity, Unreal Engine, Cryengine - C++ & C# * Front-End Development: - React(MERN), Angular(MEAN), JavaScript, HTML, SASS, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, Json. * Back-End Development: - Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Node.js, MEAN, MERN, AWS(EC2, Lambda), NGINX. * Others: – C++, C#, SASS, Adobe: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere. Google Analytics * Databases: - MongoDB, My SQL, Postgres, NoSQL, Mongoose, Django ORM. * Development Tools: – Visual Studio, Git, MySQL Workbench, Postman, Atom, Pycharm, Sublime. * Methodology: – OOP, MVC, RESTful Architecture, CRUD Operations, Responsive Web Design. * Frameworks: - Django, Flask, Rails, Angular, React, React Native, Express, Socket.io.


  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • App Development
  • Enterprise Software
  • Engineering Design