Siddharth G.

Freelance Content Writer | Digital marketing consultant

The ability to effectively convey a story to the audience is called ART. Every art-form has its unique routine of story-telling. This is because a well narrated story simply captivates the audience. Putting words to thoughts and ideas is my art. I personally believe in simplicity and relatability. Below is a small glimpse of my skill in its simplest of forms. It is my take on Attitude towards Success. The search for happiness and purpose is often misunderstood to be the search of success. From beginning my professional journey as a Cricket player to ending up becoming a digital marketing and networking consultant and an independent content writer, I have realized that its okay to fail, its okay to not know where you’re headed. But what is not okay is to settle down and give up that quest to happiness and purpose. Its okay to try new things, different fields. Success and failure are a part of the process, what we should be looking for is the fulfilment that the particular thing provides us with. I am nowhere close to finding these revered aspects in my life, but this mindset seems to be the right path. My mission as a young entrepreneur is to instill this belief into as many individuals as I cross path with. That we are not meant to merely exist, we are destined to live. If you have a similar mindset, or have value to add to it; lets get connected.

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