Valmir N.

BIM Modeler and Renders

Professional Portfolio Overview (2018-Present) Since 2018, I have embarked on a dynamic journey in the field of Civil Construction, progressively expanding my expertise and contributing to a diverse array of projects. My career commenced with designing residential homes and small buildings, gradually evolving to encompass more specialized ventures. Residential and Small Building Projects: In the initial phase of my career, I focused on crafting innovative designs for residential properties and small-scale buildings. This foundational experience honed my skills in architectural design, structural engineering, and project management. Skate Park Design: Transitioning from conventional construction projects, I delved into the realm of recreational infrastructure, particularly in the design of skate parks. Collaborating with local communities and skateboarding enthusiasts, I endeavored to create dynamic and engaging spaces that catered to the unique needs of the users. Engineering Ventures in Hydroelectric and Alternative Energy: My journey then led me to explore the intricate world of engineering within the realm of hydroelectric and alternative energy. Joining a reputable engineering firm, I played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of projects spanning across various regions of Brazil. These ventures encompassed comprehensive studies, design conceptualization, and execution management, contributing to the sustainable advancement of energy infrastructure. Continuous Innovation and Process Enhancement: Throughout my career, I have remained committed to innovation and continuous improvement. I have actively sought out opportunities to leverage cutting-edge software solutions for process automation and enhancement of render quality. By embracing emerging technologies, I have facilitated efficiency gains and elevated the overall standard of project deliverables. Conclusion: My professional journey since 2018 reflects a dynamic evolution within the realm of Civil Construction, marked by a diverse portfolio of projects spanning from residential design to complex engineering ventures in energy infrastructure. As I continue to embrace new challenges and opportunities for growth, I remain dedicated to driving innovation and making meaningful contributions to the built environment.


  • AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Unreal Engine
  • GIS Software
  • Google Earth
  • Dynamo Studio
  • ChatGPT