Eren K.

CGI Artist

As a CGI artist, I specialize in creating stunning 3D models and animations that bring ideas to life. With a rich background in working within multidisciplinary teams and collaborating with international colleagues, I excel in producing realistic and captivating animations. My expertise spans across industry-leading software, including Blender, Cinema4D, and Unreal Engine 5, enabling me to craft visually compelling content for large-scale marketing and commercial projects. I create photorealistic CGI architectural and production renders, and I have the capability to rig and animate vehicles and characters. My portfolio reflects a blend of creativity and technical prowess, delivering impactful visual experiences for a diverse array of clients worldwide.


  • 3D Architectural Rendering
  • 3D Motion Tracking
  • 3D Product Rendering
  • Motion Design
  • Video Tracking
  • Photorealistic Rendering