Kanishk M.

AI & Machine Learning | Algorithms, API, C++ | App Development Android

PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Solution-oriented and problem solver with hands on Machine learning models and projects using Python and C. Highly skilled in communication, collaboration, and technical documentation. PROJECTS Exoplanet Hunting using Machine learning In my Exoplanet Hunting using Machine Learning project, I employed advanced data analysis techniques to sift through vast astronomical datasets, identifying potential exoplanetary candidates. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, I developed a predictive model that enhanced the efficiency of exoplanet detection. Delhi metro api (unofficial api usage) In my innovative project, I created a Python-based GUI application using Delhi Metro's API (unofficially accessed) to provide users with real-time information. The application seamlessly delivers comprehensive details such as metro routes, fare prices, station facts, and timings. Vaccination bot (Covid time issuance)


  • Machine Learning
  • App Development
  • API
  • Mobile App