Neil O.

Experienced and enthusiastic problem solver for almost any technology

I'm not afraid to dig into gritty old technology to extend and/or fix problems. I have been diving into difficult software issues and projects professionally since 1997 and I'm confident I could figure out any bug or solution. My method is direct, practical and sometimes brutally minimal: the shortest path to the goal with the least amount of future maintenance. I can manage a team of engineers and understand the software and agile practices to do so. I prefer to solve by trial (prototyping, MVP, etc.) rather than locking in large specifications. I enjoy figuring out what customers really envision and not just what they say they want. Most importantly: I can read code and work within existing limitations; I don't need to "rewrite from scratch". My main work over the past few years has revolved around running services on cloud platforms (AWS & GCP) with a focus on scaling, particularly with big data. My bread and butter languages recently have been Python, SQL, Bash scripts. I also have production coding experience with JavaScript, React, NodeJS, C / C++, C#, Java, PHP, VBScript / VBA, ASP.NET, [Classic] ASP, and HTML. I've also done hobby and school work with Kotlin, x86 Assembler, GW-BASIC, Cobol, and Perl. You can find evidence of my skill on where I have participated for well over a decade. For my job history please find me on LinkedIn; here's a short list: 2021-2023: Ambassador Software (director of engineering: Python, React, Django, AngularJS, Docker, AWS) 2017-2020: Donuts, Inc. (tools/DW manager: BigQuery, Docker, AWS, Python, Selenium, Django) 2013-2016: Donuts, Inc. (intranet web & finance tools: SQL, Python, AWS, GCP) 2011-2012: Microsft SDET 2 FTE (Windows 8 core object testing: C++, ATL, COM, WinRT) 2007-2010: Demand Media Contractor (wrote the backend registry service for most new internet TLDs in use today) 2002-2007: eNom (web & backend dev: ASP, JavaScript, C#, C++) 2001-2002: Microsoft SDET Contractor (wrote DVR test software: C++, ATL, ActiveX / COM, C#) 2000-2001: Dot Bomb Startup (HTML, CGI w/ C++, Java) 1999-2000: Microsoft SDET Contractor (automated UI testing before Selenium existed: C++, ATL, ActiveX / COM, JavaScript, VBScript) 1997-1999: CGI contract work
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  • SQL
  • Python
  • Google Apps Script
  • Docker Compose
  • OAuth