Karin I.

Data Analyst ,Specialist in Data & Image Annotation ,SQL Reporting

Hello! I’m a dedicated and detail-oriented data analyst with a passion for artificial intelligence and a keen eye for precision. With a robust background in data and image annotation, data analytics, SQL reporting, and teaching programming, I offer a unique blend of technical expertise and educational experience to help you achieve your project goals. What I Offer: - Data & Image Annotation: Expert in annotating datasets for machine learning models, ensuring high-quality and accurately labeled data. - Data Analytics: Proficient in data cleaning, analysis, and visualization using tools like Python, Excel, and SQL. Experienced in deriving actionable insights to drive business decisions. - SQL Reporting: Skilled in creating comprehensive reports from SQL, utilizing tools like Microsoft Power BI Report Builder and PowerShell to automate and enhance reporting processes. - Programming Tutoring: Experienced in teaching coding to students from grades 1 to 11, covering basic to advanced topics in Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Scratch, and Code.org. Why Work With Me? - Attention to Detail: I ensure all tasks are completed with precision and accuracy, which is critical for data-related projects. - Strong Analytical Skills: My ability to analyze and interpret complex datasets helps in delivering valuable insights. - Effective Communication: Clear and concise communication is key to successful project execution. I keep my clients informed at every stage. - Passion for Teaching: I love sharing knowledge and helping others learn, which makes my tutoring sessions highly effective and enjoyable.


  • Microsoft Server
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Python Script
  • Microsoft Power BI Data Visualization
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Teaching
  • Data Annotation
  • Image Annotation
  • Angular