Murtaza U.

Backend Engineer & Developer | DevOps | Site-Reliability Engineer(SRE)

I can build resilient systems to provide an uninterrupted digital experience for your clients. 🌟 My offerings include: 🟢 Building RESTful services using Go and OpenAPI. 🟢 Documenting API endpoints to make them easily consumable by the front-end team and other back-end developers. 🟢 Deploying your application: To ensure that your customers can access and utilize your beautiful application, it is crucial to deploy it on the cloud. I am here to provide assistance in deploying your applications to AWS using services like EC2, serverless Lambda, AWS API Gateway, and AWS EKS. 🟢 Kubernetes: Are you currently operating a Kubernetes cluster within your infrastructure or considering migrating to Kubernetes? In either scenario, my expertise in Kubernetes can greatly assist you in efficiently deploying, scaling, and managing microservices using a declarative approach. 🟢 Inter-microservice communication using gRPC: I will understand your current architecture and improve upon it by implementing gRPC-based communication using protocol buffers as a data exchange format. 🟢 Automation: 1. Automatic builds and deployment (CI/CD) using GitHub Actions 2. Server management automation with Ansible 🌟 Why hire me over other freelancers? 🟢 Experience: The only way to gauge the capability of a freelancer is to examine their projects, right? Most of my projects are publicly available on my GitHub. 🟢 Over-delivering: This is at the core of my work. My focus is on giving more than I receive. 🟢 On-time delivery: Your time is of utmost value. You will always find me completing the designated work on time. 🟢 Humbleness: One of the key aspects of my life is to be humble and kind. I treat everybody with kindness, approach all situations with empathy, and genuinely strive to provide the best solution to my clients.

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  • RESTful API
  • Docker
  • Golang
  • Microservice
  • Kubernetes
  • Back-End Development
  • Amazon API Gateway
  • CI/CD