Ravinder M.

Ravinder M.


Bookkeeping , accounting , MIS

Hello! I'm Ravinder Mishra, a highly skilled and detail-oriented professional specializing in bookkeeping, accounting, MIS (Management Information Systems), and Excel work. With a proven track record of delivering accurate and efficient financial management solutions, I'm passionate about helping businesses streamline their financial processes and make data-driven decisions. Why Choose Me: Expertise: I have [X] years of experience in bookkeeping, accounting, and MIS, providing me with a deep understanding of financial principles and practices. Attention to Detail: My keen eye for detail ensures error-free financial reports and data analysis, leading to reliable business insights. Efficiency: I thrive on organizing and optimizing financial workflows, ensuring timely completion of tasks and projects. Data Analysis: Proficient in using Excel to analyze financial data, create custom reports, and present actionable insights to management. Communication: I believe in clear and effective communication to build strong working relationships with clients and team members. Services Offered: 1. Bookkeeping: Manage day-to-day financial transactions, including invoicing, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Reconcile bank statements and credit card transactions to ensure accurate financial records. Prepare financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. 2. Accounting: Provide comprehensive financial analysis and forecasting to assist in strategic decision-making. Perform cost analysis to identify areas of improvement and optimize business profitability. Ensure compliance with tax regulations and assist in tax preparation. 3. Management Information Systems (MIS): Develop and implement MIS to collect, organize, and present financial and operational data. Create interactive dashboards and reports for key performance indicators (KPIs). Utilize MIS to identify trends, risks, and opportunities for business growth. 4. Excel Work: Design custom Excel templates to streamline financial and accounting processes. Conduct data analysis using advanced Excel functions, pivot tables, and macros. Automate repetitive tasks to improve productivity and reduce manual errors. Let's Work Together: I am passionate about helping businesses succeed through efficient financial management and data analysis. Whether you need a reliable bookkeeper, an accounting expert, or assistance with your MIS and Excel needs, I am here to support your business's growth and success. Let's collaborate and drive your business to new heights! Contact Me: Feel free to send me a message to discuss your project or request a quote. I'm excited to work with you and contribute to your business's financial success!


  • Data Processing
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Accounting Basics
  • Management Accounting
  • Accounting