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Automation through Zapier, Integromat/Make, Klaviyo, MailChimp, Active Campaign, PipeDrive, Podio, Docusign, Google Sheets, ChatGPT, AirTable, Katana, Clover POS, Zoho, HubSpot,, GHL & ClickUp. WordPress & Shopify development & support. Having command over quickly grasping business processes of my clients and converting them into viable automations makes me stand out! Feel free to contact me by clicking "post job to invite" and find me ready to discuss how to make your project an absolute success! Here is how my clients reviewed my work: Automation from Registria to Klaviyo via Make Rating is 5 out of 5. Aug 16, 2023 - Feb 16, 2024 "Hiring Mohammad to navigate the intricate waters of integrating Klaviyo with Registria was an astute decision that far exceeded our expectations. From the outset, Mohammad distinguished himself as a technical virtuoso and a paragon of communication, making the complex seem accessible. His approach to project management was nothing short of stellar. Mohammad demonstrated an unparalleled ability to distill technical jargon into clear, understandable terms, ensuring that we were always in the loop and fully aware of the project's progression. This level of engagement and transparency is rare and was immensely appreciated. When it comes to technical know-how, Mohammad is a true maestro. Our integration challenge was far from straightforward, fraught with unforeseen obstacles and intricacies that could easily derail a less experienced professional. However, Mohammad's profound understanding of Klaviyo and Registria and his broader knowledge of software engineering allowed him to navigate these challenges with remarkable dexterity. What truly sets Mohammad apart, however, is his creativity in problem-solving. Each hurdle encountered was met with a thoughtful, innovative solution that addressed the issue at hand and enhanced our systems' overall functionality. His foresight in anticipating potential pitfalls and proactively addressing them was instrumental in the seamless execution of the project. In conclusion, Mohammad's contribution to our project was invaluable. His exemplary communication skills, deep technical expertise, and innovative problem-solving approach resulted in a polished and fully functioning integration that has significantly benefited our operations. For those needing a skilled professional who will go above and beyond to deliver a sophisticated, tailored solution, look no further than Mohammad." Project Name: Zapier help needed Rating is 5 out of 5. May 20, 2022 - Present "Mohammad really knows his way around Zaps and he helped solve some complex automations for us. A pleasure to work with. Highly co-operative and flexible." WHY GIVE ME PREFERENCE OVER OTHER FREELANCERS? - Ultimate Satisfaction: I VALUE my clients and work for their ultimate satisfaction and not for project completion, get money, and move over to the next. Even after projects are complete, I keep working for the clients as and when needed without any extra cost. - Excellent Communication: You will experience excellent communication from my side. Detailed REPORTING over project progress makes it a peace of mind working with me. - Generous: You would find me generous in the sense that I will do the EXTRA work to make the project value way more than the cost. - Soft-spoken: I am blessed with the ability to remain SOFT and thoughtful for my clients and always ready to discuss their ideas about any project changes. - Out of the box solution: I believe in SOLVING the issue and not only get rid of the problems. Therefore, I always look for the best solution to benefit my clients, even if I have to go the extra mile!

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