Marzuka K.
Los AngelesCA

Python/SQL/Tableau/Database/ETL/MS Sharepoint/Power Automate/PowerApps

In my professional journey, I have cultivated a rich expertise in information security and data analytics, underscored by a strong foundation in key technologies such as Python, SQL, Tableau, and ETL processes. My tenure at Cigna HealthCare was marked by pioneering automation projects and the development of a centralized CAM platform, which dramatically enhanced data processing efficiencies and managerial decision-making capabilities. This innovative platform, underpinned by my proficiency in database administration, facilitated streamlined operations, leading to a significant reduction in data retrieval times and a more cohesive, error-free operational environment. My role extended beyond mere technical contributions; at the Public Health Institute and subsequent positions, I led the strategic deployment of Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, and comprehensive Office 365 solutions, including adept use of Power Automate and Power Apps. These efforts were pivotal in optimizing data management systems, improving recruitment processes, and providing insightful, data-driven dashboards for enhanced decision-making. My work has consistently aimed at not just enhancing operational efficiency but also at providing critical data visualizations and reports to support strategic business decisions. Throughout, I've maintained a focus on automating and refining data processes, whether through developing sophisticated ETL modules to safeguard data integrity or crafting automated reporting systems to inform senior management. My expertise has directly contributed to substantial improvements across various metrics, including reduced processing times, increased resolution rates for complex tasks, and fortified data security measures, evidencing my commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of data analytics and information security.


  • Tableau
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Database