Nitesh S.

Nitesh S.


Power Bi Specialist | Data Analysis | SQL

As a seasoned data analyst with over four years of experience in interpreting and analyzing data to drive successful business solutions, I possess a broad range of skills that enable me to effectively handle various data challenges. My proficiency in using advanced tools such as Power BI, SQL, and Excel, alongside my extensive experience in revenue management, data modeling, financial forecasting, market research, and business process improvement, positions me as a reliable data analyst. In addition to my strong data analysis skills, I have extensive knowledge of data visualization tools such as Google Data Studio and Microsoft Power BI, which enable me to create highly informative and visually compelling dashboards, charts, and graphs. I am also well-versed in programming languages like SQL, Excel VBA, DAX, and Google App Scripting, which helps me automate data processing, clean and prepare data for analysis, and perform complex data modeling. If you are seeking to overcome data roadblocks and maximize the power of data to gain insights into your business operations, then I am the right fit for you. With my expertise in data analysis, data visualization, data cleaning, and data processing, I can help you achieve your business goals by providing valuable insights and identifying growth opportunities. Data Analysis and Data Visualization Tools I use: ✔️Google Sheets ✔️ Microsoft Excel ✔️Microsoft Power BI ✔️Google Data Studio Programming Languages: ✔️Google App Scripting ✔️Excel VBA ✔️DAX ✔️SQL


  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analysis
  • SQL
  • Data Processing
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Analytics
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Business Analysis