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Guaranteed Results | Certified Amazon PPC, Google Ads PPC Specialist, Facebook Ads, Google SEO Expert I offer guaranteed results, ensuring your campaigns not only meet but exceed expectations. Before you decide to hire me, I offer a consultancy session to showcase my skills and expertise. This comes with no risk or obligation on your part. Let me transform your goals into reality with a strategic approach: Deeply understanding your business Aligning with your goals and requirements Optimizing campaigns for maximum ROI Regular updates on progress and outcomes Strict adherence to all policies Treating your business with the same care as my own My commitment is to deliver tangible results *Core Competencies* Performance Marketing Google AdWords Google SEO Facebook Adds Instagram Adds Amazon Private Label Launch Amazon Wholesale Amazon Retail Arbitrage Case Study: 1. Enhancing Online Sales for a Fashion Retailer Through Google Ads Objective: To increase online sales and brand awareness. Solution: Keyword Research and Selection Campaign Structure Ad Copy and Creatives Landing Page Optimization Budget Management and Bid Optimization Results: Over a 6-month period, the Google Ads campaign achieved significant improvements: Increased Website Traffic: Saw a 120% increase in website visitors. Higher Conversion Rate: The conversion rate improved from 1.2% to 3.5%. Boost in Sales: Online sales grew by 185%, with a remarkable ROI of 5:1. Brand Visibility: Gained a 60% increase in brand-related search queries. 2. Revitalizing Customer Engagement and Bookings for Gourmet Bistro through Strategic Facebook Ads Background: Gourmet Bistro, a local restaurant chain, sought to increase local engagement and weekday bookings. Objective: Enhance brand visibility and attract more customers to try the new seasonal menu. Strategy: Targeted local food enthusiasts aged 25-45. Launched a dual campaign for brand awareness and conversions. Utilized visually appealing creatives and engaging ad copy. Implemented Facebook Pixel for precise tracking and retargeting. Results: 70% increase in social media engagement. 150% rise in website traffic from Facebook. 90% growth in online restaurant reservations, particularly on weekdays. Achieved a 4:1 return on investment. 3.Elevating Organic Traffic and Conversions - A Premier Online Electronics Store through SEO Optimization Background: An online electronics retailer, needed to enhance their online visibility and drive more organic traffic to increase sales. Objective: To improve search engine rankings for key product categories and drive targeted traffic to the website. Strategy: Conducted comprehensive SEO audit to identify technical and on-page optimization opportunities. Implemented targeted keyword research focusing on high-traffic and relevant terms in the electronics sector. Optimized website content and structure, including meta tags, product descriptions, and blog posts. Developed a robust backlink strategy through guest posting and partnerships with tech blogs and forums. Results: Achieved a 40% increase in organic traffic within six months. Improved search engine rankings, with 15 key terms ranking in the top 10 results. Enhanced user engagement metrics, including lower bounce rates and longer session durations. Recorded a 25% increase in online sales directly attributed to organic search improvements.

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