Onwusoba U.
Rising Talent

Proactive Virtual Administrative and Personal Assistant

Welcome to my Upwork profile! 🌟 Elevate Your Business with Seamless Support🌟 🚀Ever find yourself in a hurry to balance your professional obligations with your personal life, drowning in a sea of emails and administrative tasks, craving a trusted partner to lighten the load and help you navigate the chaos? 🚀Tired of feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, struggling to stay organized and focused among the daily hustle, and yearning for a skilled assistant to streamline your workflow and boost your productivity? Then we are a good match! Look no further🥰 Hire me and I will 🌟Seamlessly manage your calendars, coordinate meetings, sort emails, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. 🌟Expertly handling data entry, document management, and record-keeping to keep you on top of your game, even in the busiest times. 🌟Identify bottlenecks and develop efficient systems to streamline workflows, maximize productivity, and help you achieve your goals faster. Core Competence: ✅Administrative Skills: I understand the importance of efficient calendar management and scheduling, document preparation and editing, data entry and management, file organization, and record-keeping. ✅Organizational Abilities: I am good at prioritizing tasks and time management, managing deadlines, multitasking, and handling multiple projects simultaneously. ✅Communication Skills: I have excellent communication skills, which enable me to work collaboratively with clients and team members. ✅Tech Proficiency: I have a good understanding of productivity tools and have the adaptability to learn new software and tools as needed. ✅Problem-Solving Abilities: I identify challenges, proactively find solutions, and calmly handle unexpected situations. ✅Personal Assistance Skills: I can manage appointments, research, and arrange personal services. ✅Adaptability and Flexibility: I easily adjust to changing priorities and am always willing to take on new tasks and challenges as they arise. ✅Professionalism and discretion: I can maintain confidentiality, handle sensitive information with discretion, and represent the client professionally and honestly. Software and Tools I use include: 🔥 Microsoft Office Suite(Word,Excel,Powerpoint,One drive) 🔥 Google Workspace(Doc,Sheets,Slides,Drive,Calendar,Forms) 🔥 Communication (Slack, Discord, Telegram) 🔥 Project Management (Monday.com, Trello, Asana) 🔥 CRM (Hubspots, Zoho CRM, Salesforce) 🔥 Finance/expenses Management (Quickbooks, Xero, Zoho Books) 🔥 Marketing (SEMrush, Ahrefs, MailChimp) 🔥 Password Management (1Password, LastPass,Keeper) 🔥 Conference/Meeting (Zoom, Webex) Work Force: 🌟 Computer: I use a fast processor, ample storage space, and a large monitor to work efficiently and effectively. 🌟 Internet Connection: I have a reliable internet connection. 🌟 Backup System: To ensure that financial records are secure, I use a backup system to regularly save and store data in a secure location. Partner with me today, and let's push your business to new heights together. Contact me now to discuss how I can revolutionize your administrative support and help you reclaim your time for what truly matters👌.


  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Microsoft Excel
  • CRM Software
  • Microsoft Office
  • Word Processing
  • Accounting Software
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Email Communication
  • Calendar Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Light Bookkeeping