Georgi G.
Rising Talent

AI & Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics

With over 15 years of development and technical leadership experience, I have a proven track record of designing, developing, and deploying AI and data solutions. In my consulting work, I often provide strategic leadership, vision, and direction to the data science and analytics team, as well as collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders to identify growth and high impact opportunities, define data-driven strategies, and develop innovative solutions to enhance your products, services, and operations. I have a deep understanding of advanced analytics, machine learning, and statistical modeling, as well as the ability to translate complex data insights into actionable business recommendations. In my early research years in Boston, I worked closely with teams from Brigham and Women's as well as the trauma surgery team and research labs at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital to help with multiple efforts, including the implementation of a data management system and research analysis of multiple research projects. In my current role as Head of Data & Machine Learning at Confabulation Inc., I am responsible for the data, search, and retrieval strategy and framework. I lead the user profile and recommendation efforts and support the product market fit (PMF) and go-to-market (GMT) strategies with thought and strategic leadership. I also support the data acquisition, AI model training, LLM prompting, and conversational engineering efforts. Previously, as Director of Analytics at GISAT, Walmart Inc., I drove the vision, design, and build of data-driven analytics and analytical products for operational and strategic decision-making. I spearheaded the transformation of insider and global threat platforms to a proprietary distributed AI framework and drove innovation in data and technology in multiple business verticals, IT strategy and integration, and business process improvement. I also improved and supported the software platforms and ML products for a wide spectrum of data and intelligence needs. I have a PhD in topological data analysis and moved from academic research to build knowledge graphs in various areas, from Wikipedia, to quantum complex networks, healthcare, and retail. I have a strong expertise in advanced analytics, machine learning, statistical modeling, and data visualization. This further led me on a path to building ML and AI based products in industry and delivering a high impact for the customer in various contexts. Subsequently I took on some entrepreneurial roles that challenged me to overhaul existing teams or build ones form scratch, be involved with the overall product and technology strategy, and influence business decisions with the executive and investor teams. I am a collaborative, thoughtful, and strategic leader, I value and foster the open communication in my team, and a sense of belonging and ownership of the mission and vision. Always welcoming constructive feedback, and constantly working to be self aware and to provide the best service to my team and to my company. I aim to inspire and empower rather than restrict and impose, allowing natural leaders and self-motivated team members to shine. I have excellent communication and presentation skills, and have honed in the craft of delivering complex data intelligence and recommendations to both technical and non-technical stakeholders, fostering data-driven decision-making at all levels of the organization.

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