Romanos C.
Rising Talent

Business Development Manager | Sales Manager

As a seasoned Business and Sales Development Manager specializing in calling and outbound sales for tech companies, I bring a proven track record of driving revenue growth and building high-performing sales teams. With a strategic mindset and in-depth knowledge of the tech industry, I excel in crafting and implementing effective outbound sales strategies that yield tangible results. Key Competencies: 1. Strategic Planning: a. Develop comprehensive outbound sales strategies aligned with the unique needs and goals of tech companies. b. Utilize market research and industry trends to identify key opportunities for expansion and revenue generation. 2. Team Leadership: a. Lead and motivate a dynamic sales team to achieve and exceed targets through effective coaching, mentoring, and performance management. b. Foster a collaborative and results-driven culture that encourages innovation and continuous improvement. 3. Cold Calling Excellence: a. Demonstrate a deep understanding of cold calling techniques and best practices tailored to the tech sector. b. Implement targeted outreach campaigns to engage potential clients, showcasing the value proposition of our tech solutions. 4. Technological Acumen: a. Leverage a strong understanding of technology products and services to articulate complex offerings in a compelling and accessible manner during cold calls. b. Stay abreast of the latest technological advancements to align sales strategies with industry trends. 5. Data-Driven Decision Making: a. Utilize data analytics and CRM tools (such as Hubspot, Salesforce or Pipedrive) to track, measure, and analyze the effectiveness of outbound sales campaigns. b. Implement data-driven insights to refine strategies and improve overall team performance. 6. Client Relationship Management: a. Build and nurture strong relationships with key stakeholders in tech companies, understanding their pain points and providing tailored solutions. b. Ensure a high level of client satisfaction by collaborating closely with the customer success and support teams. 7. Cross-Functional Collaboration: a. Collaborate seamlessly with marketing, product development, and customer support teams to align outbound sales efforts with overall business objectives. b. Provide valuable insights from customer interactions to inform product enhancements and marketing strategies. 8. Adaptability and Innovation: a. Thrive in a dynamic tech environment, adapting quickly to changes in the industry landscape and competition. b. Encourage a culture of innovation within the sales team, exploring new approaches to outreach and client engagement. Outcomes: - Consistently achieve and exceed revenue targets through the implementation of targeted outbound sales initiatives. - Build a highly motivated and skilled sales team that consistently delivers exceptional results. - Establish the company as a key player in the tech industry through strategic client acquisitions and market expansion. With a passion for driving growth, a focus on leveraging technology trends, and a commitment to excellence in outbound sales, I am eager to bring my expertise to a dynamic tech company seeking to elevate its sales performance and market presence


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Phone Communication
  • Google Closure
  • Technical Support
  • Software
  • Data Analytics
  • Communication Skills
  • Sales Analytics
  • Sales Development