Efekan B.

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I am an inquisitive individual with a burning passion for a range of subjects in the sciences and beyond; hence, I have planned a career trajectory in academia and management consulting. My interests in many subjects led me to pursue a B.A in Business Administration. I genuinely believe that "generalists" have a lot to contribute to multidisciplinary teams as they are able to connect the dots and bring a set of novel ideas which can radically transform organisations. It simply gives me the flexibility/room to manoeuvre when working across different projects. I am a global citizen and I pride myself on the "international-mindedness" aptitude that I have cultivated over the course of living and studying fifteen years abroad. I left Turkey for Belgium in 2003 and lived there for four years before starting a new chapter in China in 2008 (yes, just in time for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games!), which turned out to be a journey spanning a decade! At the outset we planned to stay there for at most two years. That is why I developed a sense of affinity for the presence of uncertainty. Today I might be in Istanbul, but the next day you might find me in Brazil. I was the Captain of my basketball teams for eight consecutive years, and led my teams to win the China SISAC Basketball Championships. In terms of professional experience, I have previously interned at General Electric's Healthcare division (Shanghai) as a Marketing Intern, Tenneco Inc. (Shanghai) as an Operations Analyst and the Harvard Business School Middle East & North Africa Research Centre (Istanbul) as a Global Initiative Intern. I am a fresh graduate of Business Administration from Koç University. I recently returned from my exchange semester at The National University of Singapore, where I read Chinese and Business. Prior to university, I lived in China (Shanghai and Beijing) for over a decade and studied at highly competitive British international schools in Belgium and China. I graduated from Wellington College International School of Shanghai in 2018. The formative years of my life have unequivocally been in China.


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