Rahul S.

Data Visualisation Consultant | Tableau Certified

About Me: With over 11 years of experience in data analysis and visualization, I specialize in leveraging Tableau to its fullest potential to create stunning and insightful dashboards. My expertise lies in understanding business needs, analyzing data, and delivering visual stories that help stakeholders make informed decisions. My Skills: Data Analysis & Data Modelling: Proficient in extracting, cleaning, and analyzing data from various sources to uncover hidden patterns and trends. Tableau Development: Expert in creating advanced Tableau dashboards with complex calculations, custom visualizations, and interactive features. Data Insights: Skilled in interpreting data to provide actionable insights that drive business strategy and performance. Storytelling: Adept at crafting data narratives that clearly communicate key insights and engage your audience. SQL & Database Management: Experience with SQL for querying databases and managing data efficiently. Business Intelligence: Strong understanding of BI tools and techniques to support data-driven decision-making. What I Offer: Custom Dashboards: Tailored Tableau dashboards designed to meet your specific business needs and goals. Interactive Visualizations: Engaging and interactive visualizations that allow users to explore data dynamically. Data Storytelling: Clear and compelling data stories that highlight key insights and support strategic decisions. Performance Optimization: Efficient data handling and performance tuning to ensure smooth and responsive dashboards. Training & Support: Comprehensive training and ongoing support to help your team get the most out of Tableau. My Approach: Understanding Your Needs: Collaborating with you to understand your business objectives, data sources, and key metrics. Data Preparation: Cleaning, transforming, and preparing your data for analysis. Dashboard Development: Creating intuitive and interactive Tableau dashboards that provide valuable insights. Review & Feedback: Iterating based on your feedback to ensure the final product meets your expectations. Delivery & Support: Delivering the final dashboard along with any necessary documentation and training.


  • Tableau
  • Insights Summary
  • Storytelling
  • Snowflake
  • Alteryx, Inc.