Jack S.
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SEO & Content Marketing Expert (w/ Experience Across Many Industries)

⚠️ Hiring the right SEO is really hard. ⚠️ (Unless you're an SEO expert yourself). ⛔️ Do you hire someone who specializes in building backlinks? ⛔️ If you talk to a link builder, they will say, “Yes, that’s the #1 thing you need!”. ⛔️ Do you hire someone to speed up your site? ⛔️ Well, if you talk to a site speed expert, they will ALSO say, “Yes, that’s the #1 thing you need!” ⛔️ Do you hire someone to sprinkle a bunch of keywords across your site? ⛔️ You get the point. 🙄 So how do you ensure you’re getting the right kind of help that’s actually going to drive ROI WITHOUT having to teach yourself everything about SEO (and defeat the point of hiring an expert)? ✅ You hire someone who built a company that’s done it many times before, across multiple industries as both an agency and a freelancer. ✅ From local SEO for restaurants 🥗 to dog breeders 🐶 to fire protection companies 🧯-- To high-ticket B2B and B2C companies 📈, large non-profits, and eCommerce sites 📦 (even CBD and Delta-8) -- To high-traffic thought-leadership blogs 👨‍🏫, nationwide top quality puppy sellers 🐕 (I really like dogs), reputation management 📊, and more 😱. I’ve had SEO success in all kinds of niches, and know how to get success for your business (WITHOUT wasting money on things that don’t move the needle.) 🛑 I’ve seen businesses waste TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars on stuff that doesn’t get results. Don’t be one of them! 🛑 🙊 Don’t just take my word for it. 🙊 ✅ "Don't let the fun-loving DJ vibes fool you - Jack has some serious SEO skills." - Steven Alexander Young, the top SEO on Upwork. ✅ “Working in a high ticket, relatively low traffic, highly regulated and competitive niche, getting quality traffic (and finding qualified leads) can be challenging. We were just about to sign a long term contract with a big SEO agency instead of working with Jack and his team at Outrider Digital, but his confidence in his ability to get us results quickly (and affordably) as part of a one-time optimization project persuaded us not to sign with the big agency and give Outrider Digital a try first. We saw an IMMEDIATE spike in organic traffic and leads after Outrider Digital's optimizations went live on our site. In fact, in the first month after the optimizations went live, we saw a 180% increase in Google Traffic, a 150% increase in overall organic traffic, and a nearly equivalent jump in leads. On top of that, we saw other metrics like bounce rate and session duration improve significantly on the pages he optimized as well. Jack and his team clearly know what they're doing, and we've since hired them in an ongoing capacity to continue to drive our SEO efforts. I can't recommend him highly enough.” ✅ “Jack & his team at Outrider Digital have been with us from day one helping us with SEO, taking us from no traffic whatsoever to more than 30,000 organic clicks a month in just a year in one of the most competitive industries on the internet right now. As a busy entrepreneur with multiple successful projects in different industries, I value Jack's ability to not only drive incredible results like this but also his ability to achieve them operating largely independently and without much interaction or handholding on my part. I can't recommend Jack highly enough for all your SEO needs.” 🙋‍♂️ If you’re interested, send me an invite and let’s talk. 🙋‍♂️

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