Julieta S.
Caloocan CityPhilippines
100% Job Success

6 Years Shopify VA

I am delighted to introduce myself as an experienced Shopify Virtual Assistant with a rich history of over six years in this role. Throughout this time, I have honed a diverse set of essential skills that have become second nature to me. Customer service has been my passion for more than half a decade, and I take immense pride in my exceptional emotional intelligence and proactive approach when dealing with customer inquiries and concerns. My guiding principle is centered on actively listening to our customers, enabling me to swiftly address issues and provide immediate support. I firmly believe in the importance of building a solid foundation of product knowledge to provide unmatched assistance, fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction. My unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service is evident in my consistent track record of not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations. This has not only nurtured repeat business but also significantly amplified brand exposure and market presence. Beyond my proficiency in customer service, I possess a talent for crafting compelling product descriptions, meticulously curating product listings, and skillfully enhancing visuals with the use of tools like Canva Pro. My abilities extend to creating tailored and engaging content for a variety of social media platforms. Moreover, I am equally adept in the role of a Social Media Assistant. My deep understanding of branding empowers me to create content that not only fortifies brand awareness but also effectively captivates the target audience. My creative mindset keeps me attuned to customer trends and market dynamics, enabling me to curate captivating content that sustains interest. With my keen organizational skills, I consistently meet deadlines and execute strategies flawlessly, always aligned with marketing and business objectives. I have successfully managed various aspects of business social media accounts, from their initial design and development to their final implementation and execution. Order processing and fulfillment are also well within my expertise. I initially managed orders manually on AliExpress but quickly transitioned to utilizing Shopify for streamlined order processing. More recently, I've expertly employed tools like Dropified and Oberlo to optimize order management efficiency. My familiarity with CJ Dropshipping further enhances my capabilities in this area. With over six years of hands-on experience as a Shopify Virtual Assistant, I am confident that my skills and unwavering dedication will make me a valuable asset to your team. I am genuinely excited about the prospect of an interview and eagerly anticipate an opportunity that aligns with my qualifications and passion.

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  • Photo Editing
  • Email Communication
  • Product Listings
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Shopify
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Oberlo
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Order Processing
  • Customer Satisfaction