Alexander C.


Alexander Christian (23) is an aspiring architect based in Bandung, Indonesia, with a passion for innovative design and sustainable solutions. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Architecture at the University of Parahyangan, his professional journey includes a stint as an Architectural Design Intern at Arkana Architects in Bali, where he contributed to project analysis and design alternatives. As the former President of the Student Architecture Association, Alexander spearheaded collaborations with the Indonesian Architect Institute, showcasing leadership by organizing impactful events and expanding professional networks. Additionally, his role as Head of Mini Expedition at Green Architecture involved unique initiatives such as documenting vernacular architecture using Minecraft. With a Treasurer position at the Student Council and notable awards like the Citation Award at the Final Architecture Studio, Alexander demonstrates a versatile skill set in finance, leadership, and architectural design. Fluent in English and proficient in various design software, Alexander is not only an adept architect but also an outdoor enthusiast and artist, reflecting his commitment to holistic and sustainable living.