Manthan K.

Full Stack & AI ML Developer with 2.6+ years of professional exp.

Manthan is a full stack & AI ML developer with two and half years of experience in building the full stack & AI ML solutions. -He has developed and built decent and elegant solutions like Gen-AI for code generation, code | document summarization, unit test case generation, code conversions, release notes generation using OpenAI and HuggingFace! -Implemented Semantic Search Solution for client company which will help the CSR’s for efficient search from large corpus of data with AWS ElasticSearch Database -Won First Prize and Rank in ANZ Gen-AI Team hackathon by developing the solution that help credit analysts to determine credit rating of the company. Using Data from Stock Exchange Site, Latest News and Financial Report Releases of the company -Tech Stack: Python, OpenAI, HuggingFace, AWS, LLM’s, GPT4, Bloom, Falcon, Streamlit, Gradio, Flask, React, Angular, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Django


  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • ExpressJS
  • Angular
  • SQL
  • Java