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IoT Specialist | Thingsboard | AWS & Azure IoT | LoRaWAN | MQTT

As a seasoned IoT consultant and full-stack IoT engineer, I excel in guiding businesses from initial concept to full-scale production with cutting-edge Internet of Things solutions. My comprehensive expertise encompasses the entire IoT ecosystem, from developing scalable platforms on major cloud services like AWS and Azure to pioneering edge computing and crafting robust industrial automation systems. I am adept at devising IoT scalable solutions that ensure long-term growth and efficiency. With a focus on crafting scalable IoT architectures and managing backends, I excel in ensuring projects surpass business objectives. My comprehensive background enables seamless integration between cloud development and physical devices, facilitating cohesive operations between firmware/hardware and cloud development teams. Core IoT Services Offered: ✅Design and Implementation of IoT Platforms (PaaS) ✅Tech Stack Evaluation and Selection for Optimized IoT Platforms ✅Strategic Consultancy in IoT for Business Enhancement ✅Development of Cloud-based IoT Solutions specializing in AWS & Azure IoT ✅Advanced Edge Computing, IoT Gateways, and Hybrid Solutions for Seamless Integration ✅End-to-End LoraWAN Solutions for Diverse IoT Applications ✅Data Analytics and Visualization for Effective IoT Data Interpretation ✅Expert Communication and Synchronization with Firmware/Hardware Teams for Efficient Device-Cloud Integrations ✅Audit and Consultancy for IoT Cybersecurity to Ensure Secure IoT Solutions ✅Professional Training on IoT for Skill Enhancement and Knowledge Sharing ✅Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring Specialized IoT Platform Expertise: 🌟 Thingsboard – Your Ultimate IoT Solution: ✅Scalable Cloud Deployments: Mastery in deploying both Professional and Community Editions, with an eye for upgrades and scalability. ✅Integration Mastery: Seamless device management and data flow with MQTT, HTTP, LoRaWAN, and major cloud IoT cores. ✅Custom Visualization: Designing insightful, custom dashboards and widgets for comprehensive data analysis. ✅Automation & Efficiency: Crafting complex rule chains for smart, automated decision-making processes. 🌟AWS ✅AWS IoT Core, Device Management, Greengrass, Lambda, Kinesis, QuickSight, SageMaker, EC2, CloudFront, AWS RDS, AWS MSK 🌟Azure: ✅Azure IoT Hub, Device Provisioning Service (DPS), Event Hub, Azure Functions, CosmboDB, PostgreSQL 🌟 Datacake – Simplifying LoRaWAN Monitoring: ✅LoRaWAN Monitoring: Specializing in robust monitoring solutions tailored to your specific needs. 🌟 Home Assistant & Node-Red – Smart Automation & Integration: ✅Smart Home Automation: Leveraging MQTT, Zigbee2MQTT, Zwave for advanced home automation solutions. ✅Custom IoT Workflows: Designing custom integrations and flows in Node-Red for personalized IoT applications. 🌟LoRaWAN and Communication Protocols Expertise: ✅LoRaWAN Deployment & Integration: Expert deployment of LNS servers on the cloud, including Chirpstack and The Things Network, with ongoing support and maintenance. ✅Custom Solutions for Various Industries: Offering tailored decoder scripts and solutions for industries like smart cities, agriculture, and construction. ✅ MQTT (Mosquitto, EMQX, TBMQ, HiveMQ), AMQP ✅Zigbee ✅Zwave 🌟Databases: ✅InfluxDB, PostgreSQL, Cassandra 🌟Data Analytics & Scripting: ✅Powerful Analytics Tools: Utilizing Kafka, AWS Kinesis, Trendz Analytics and Power BI to derive meaningful insights from complex data sets. ✅Python Scripting & Microservices: Building scalable API solutions and microservices with a rich library of tools for IoT integration. 🌟Monitoring & Infrastructure Solutions: ✅Infrastructure Oversight: Implementing monitoring solutions with Python, Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Kapacitor. ✅Data Visualization: Utilizing Grafana and Prometheus for clear, insightful data representation. 🌟Tools: ✅Project Management: Asana, Jira, Trello, Notion AI ✅Version Control: Github, Gitlab ✅MQTT Explorer ✅Postman ✅VS Code ✅Draw.io, Canva
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  • ESP32
  • Raspberry Pi
  • LoRa
  • AWS IoT Core
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Internet of Things Solutions Design
  • Arduino Firmware