Anne Sofie P.
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Danish Copywriter & Translator for ambitious eCommerce/businesses

Prepare yourself to not only hire a freelancer but to actually hire a partner in crime for your project: If I see any ideas of improvement I will freely give you suggestions of improvement - my heart beats for every entrepreneurial project I get my hands on. "Anne is one of the best freelancers I've worked with on Upwork. She works incredibly fast, and provides great quality!" "She has excellent written and verbal communication. I found her to always be punctual, flexible, and extremely organized. She followed up on additional issues within our project to provide a solution for things we hadn’t even noticed" "𝘞𝘖𝘞! Just wow, this is gold!" As the text, grammar, and language nerd that I am, I offer a wide range of text work mainly within eCommerce and for online businesses: ✅ Persuasive and engaging TEXTS in Danish (Product descriptions, landing pages, blog articles, SEO texts, e-mails, social media posts, newsletters, ad texts and so much more). My passion is to write unique, engaging texts that talk straight to people's hearts no matter if the purpose is to create that CTA or to engage the reader and to create that professional-personal relation to the consumer - let’s eliminate boring and low-quality web texts once and for all! ✅ Excellent TRANSLATIONS (English-Danish) - You should NEVER be able to look at a translated text and being able to tell that it has been translated (I only deliver 100% native, natural and Danish texts through my translations) ✅ Detail-Oriented PROOFREADING - Yes, I am that annoying person who always corrects other people's grammar (both in text and spoken language, and I am pretty sure that both my friends and family are sick and tired of me correcting their sentences, oops) but I seem to enjoy it. No typing or grammar mistake gets away from me, therefore I also offer detail-oriented proofreadings of Danish texts. WE WILL BE A GREAT MATCH IF... You want texts adapted and specialized to your project and your company, helping you to send out a message with a specific purpose. You want creative and unique texts catching the interest of the consumer because the texts are aimed at your target group and well-thought with the psychology and communication behind the words. You want to stand out from your competitors and catch the attention of all the potential clients BUT.. Writing and written communication just isn’t your strongest skill (it’s okay, I suck at math but I know how to write), maybe you need ideas and inspiration or you just realized that you don’t have enough time to do the work yourself.. I think you are looking for an adaptable and passionate copywriter and that’s where I come in handy. WHY WORK WITH ME? Texts are not just texts or words put together - then anyone could do what I am doing. There is a lot of psychology behind a good text and if you choose your words wisely, the words you put together will have a specific effect on people and the text will fulfill its purpose. I want to influence people and the world, and I found my way of doing this text by text. As a business owner, you are probably interested in catching the attention of your target audience and increasing your profit. I believe that an increased profit and high value are very much related, and this is what I will help you obtain by providing texts that your target audience recognizes as high value - texts that make them feel seen and understood. Texts that create trust and build relations. Texts that refer to the reader's needs and inner emotions. WHAT I CAN'T HELP YOU WITH... Yes, unfortunately, I am not a wonder-woman who can fix everything (though I really wish I could). If your business idea isn’t good enough, the truth is that no text will be able to save you and increase your profit. I will not be able to help you if you just want low-quality, fast SEO texts where no one cares about the content (yes, SEO and high-quality content can be combined - two birds with one stone!). I WORK WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE AMBITIONS AND A PASSION Therefore I would love to work with you if: ✅You take your project seriously and are ambitious - dare to dream big and set goals! ✅You are honest, want to see results, and recognize the value of well-written, quality texts - you got a vision of the results you want to gain from my text work (otherwise we can work that part out together). ✅You dare to provide me with constructive feedback and communicate regularly - The faster I tune in on you and your company, the better results I can deliver! If this sounds like you, we would definitely be a great match! Feel free to reach out to me or to send me an invitation for your project and let’s discuss the opportunities of a potential collaboration. NB.: If I think that I am not able to deliver the work for your project with great quality, I will politely decline your offer as that would be best for both parties - I aim to have happy clients and to make a difference :-)

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  • Blog Content
  • Online Writing
  • Shopify
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO Writing
  • SEO Content
  • Localization
  • Machine Translation

Get started working with Anne Sofie quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Anne Sofie quickly with these predefined projects.

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