Curtis M.

Professional Writer

Hello, my name is Curtis Mutter and I wrote a sequel script to A Bug's Life when I was in Grade one. Pixar unfortunately passed on that project but my love of writing never went away. I honed my script writing chops at the Southern Institute of Technology for Film and Video Production and have gone on to write pilots and shorts that regularly place in different international screenwriting competitions. In addition to my personal writing projects I've also written comedy shorts, video scripts for educational videos, and aided in dialog and description punch up for various clients. On top of my screenwriting work I've also written articles for publications like Game Rant and Beatroute and have helped clients edit white papers, advertising copy, and blog articles. I live in the chilly city of Calgary, Alberta where I often stay inside because, you know, cold. My goal on Upwork is to provide clients with lively, professional writing that fits the voice and needs of their project. - Curtis


  • Film & Video Dialogue
  • Comedy Writing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Feature Writing