Nicolas F.
AucklandNew Zealand
Rising Talent

AI & Machine Learning | Web 3

Are you in need of an AI expert? I have 8 years of experience delivering deep value to my clients in AI, predictive analytics, and machine learning. I am passionate about demystifying AI and helping my clients cut through all the noise to deliver immediate solutions that provide them real value. Skills: ✅ Machine learning | Deep Learning | Reinforcement learning ✅ Forecasting | Predictive analytics ✅ Computer Vision | NLP | NLU ✅ Data Science ✅ Inverse problem Tech Stack: ✅ Python ✅ PyTorch, Tensorflow, MxNet, Theano ✅ AWS / GCP (advanced), Azure (basic) ✅ SQL/NoSQL ✅ C/C++, Fortan


  • Mathematics
  • Machine Learning Model
  • MLOps
  • Forecasting