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Google Sheets, Google Apps Script & Excel VBA/Macro Automation Expert

Google sheets, Excel or business processes taking you hours to complete? Then you may need a Google sheets, apps script, Zapier integration or task automation. Automating your business process will save you lots of time and money. Time better spent improving other areas of your business or even taking a vacation. You want that sheets, excel process/task to be done with the click of a button, you want to see all your customers and sales data in one dashboard. Tired of doing the same task over and over. Here is what I can do for you and your business: Google sheets and other Google Services ✅ Sheets: Insightful dashboards and reports, lookups and data import from CSV, JSON, XML & APIs ✅ Google Add-ons: Creating custom google add-ons, integrating your business APIs ✅ Drive: Automating Google drive files, folder manipulation and repetitive tasks ✅ Forms: Automating the handling of custom form data after submission ✅ Docs: Data merging and editing from google sheet into docs template using custom scripts ✅ Calendar: Listing and editing calendar events from Google Sheets/Docs and even Gmail using script ✅ Gmail: Sending custom emails from Google sheets/docs using custom scripts ✅ API: Reading and updating data via APIs ✅ Zapier: Creating zap workflows syncing your data, yours apps and your teams ✅ And more Excel and VBA/Macro solutions ✅ Custom and advance formulas: Summarizing and pulling data from multiple sheets, workbooks, APIs, SQL and the Web ✅ Pivots: Creating complex pivots and reports, allowing you quickly and easily spot trends in your data ✅ Conditional formatting: Allowing you to find duplicates, discover trends ✅ Charts and Dashboards: Giving insight into your data, identify your customers behavior ✅ Custom VBA Functions: Yo use directly into your excel sheets ✅ VBA/Macro/Custom Ribbons and Add-ons in Excel ✅ Power Pivots ✅ And More If you have reached this point on my profile and you are still wondering if I'm the right person for my project, then you can ask me yourself. Just click the green "Invite to Job" button in the top right of your screen and let us discuss your project. I guarantee that I'll be able to help you, as your business is my business. I'm looking forward to working with you on that exciting new project of yours :) Adrian

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  • Google Sheets
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Google Apps Script
  • Google APIs
  • Visual Basic for Applications