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Online Marketing Manager | SEA | Paid Social | Native Ads

🚀 Leveraging my 6+ years of experience as an Online Marketing Manager, specializing in SEA, Paid Social, Native Advertising, and Programmatic channels, I am poised to transform your online presence. I'm passionate about optimizing your marketing strategies and website performance, driving tangible results. Are We a Good Fit? Here's What Matters to Me: 🤝 I seek clients who view our collaboration as a partnership, where both parties contribute to the project's success. 🗣️ I value clients who prioritize transparent communication and have a strong vision for their project. 🕐 I appreciate clients who respect agreed-upon timelines and understand the time required for quality work. 💡 I'm drawn to clients who welcome innovative ideas and creative solutions. 💻 I have an affinity for clients who recognize the significance of data-driven marketing strategies. 🔄 I respect clients who embrace iterative marketing campaigns, acknowledging that sustained success often stems from continual enhancements. 🚀 I am ready to assist startups looking to establish a robust online presence and established businesses aiming to enhance their digital marketing performance. Overcoming Challenges Together: How I Can Help: 🎨➡️🖥️ Crafting and optimizing marketing campaigns that align with your brand's unique goals. ⚡ Enhancing marketing performance with my expertise in SEA and Paid Social strategies. 🔗 Integrating your marketing efforts across multiple channels, including Native Advertising and Programmatic, to maximize your reach and ROI. 🔧 Providing ongoing campaign optimization and maintenance. 🔍 Implementing data-driven insights to boost your online visibility and reach. 📈 Analyzing campaign performance to track and improve results. 🛠️ Overcoming marketing challenges with agile strategies and innovative solutions. 🚀 Driving increased traffic and conversion rates through targeted digital marketing efforts. The Value I Bring to Your Project: Why Choose Me: ⏰ A dedicated partner committed to delivering high-quality marketing strategies on time. 🧩 Strong problem-solving skills and a keen eye for detail. 👥 Expertise in creating user-friendly marketing campaigns. 🌍 Multilingual communication skills for effective collaboration with international teams. 🚀 Proven track record in boosting ROI and online presence. 🎯 Ability to translate your marketing goals into actionable, effective strategies. 🔄 Agile approach to marketing, allowing for flexibility and iterative improvements. 📈 Experience in performance marketing, adding value beyond just strategy development. Ensuring a Productive Partnership: When We Might Not Be a Good Match: 💰 Clients who prioritize cost over quality and long-term results. ⏳ Clients who aren't willing to invest the necessary time and effort to exceed expectations. 🔄 Clients who aren't open to an iterative marketing process. 🗣️ Clients who don't value clear and open communication. 🎯 Clients who lack a clear vision or goals for their marketing campaigns. Getting to Know Me: Your Dedicated Online Marketing Manager: 📊 An experienced Online Marketing Manager with a passion for driving outstanding marketing strategies. Skilled in SEA, Paid Social, Native Advertising, and Programmatic channels. 🗣️ Multilingual communicator with the ability to collaborate effectively with international teams. 📚 A lifelong learner, continuously staying updated with the latest industry trends to deliver cutting-edge marketing solutions. 🌍 Bringing a global perspective to projects, with experience working with diverse clients and teams. 🎯 Committed to delivering results that exceed expectations, with a focus on quality and attention to detail.

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  • Facebook Advertising
  • Native Advertising
  • Programmatic Campaign
  • PPC Campaign Setup & Management


Endorsements from past clients

"As an Online Marketing Manager, Nikolay has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and an unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of digital marketing. His expertise in developing and executing innovative online strategies has significantly enhanced our brand's presence and engagement across various digital platforms. Nikolay's ability to analyze market trends and adapt strategies accordingly has been instrumental in driving our online campaigns' success. He possesses a unique blend of creativity and analytical skills, enabling him to craft campaigns that are not only visually appealing but also highly effective in achieving set objectives."

Nick S.
Jan 2024