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Senior iOS, Android & full-stack developer.

Hello. Shortly my name is Olex. I’m mobile developer with more than 7 years of experience in the field of mobile development and more than 10 years of programming in general. I believe that my strongest skill is making things done. How? Responsibility and creativity, thinking about whole the project, not only codebase. And I like to finish my work, finish applications or features. I always think about my clients needs for first even if it's not best for me. I also care about end-user experience and always share my ideas or doubts about a project I make. I'm honest and fair. Listed below are my experience and skills: I work mostly as front-end mobile application developer on platforms: • iOS, WatchOS, • Android, • Hybrid. I work as back-end developer using Firebase to support mobile application development. I use programming languages as follows: • Swift, Objective-C - as native iOS development, • Kotlin, Java - as native Android development, • Dart - for hybrid development. I worked with most of mobile technologies and frameworks: • UI/UX - SwiftUI, UIKit, WatchKit, Lottie files, • Image creation, changing/processing - CGGraphics, CGAnimation, • Working with data - CoreData, Keychain, • Video creation, changing/processing (on the fly as well), streaming - AVFoundation, WebRTC SDK, • Device capabilities - Bluetooth / BLE, Location, Apple maps, Google maps, Push notifications, Network, tunneling, traffic management, HealthKit, • Working with payments - In-app purchases, Apple Pay, Shopify, Stripe, • Client-server communication - RESTful API, GraphQL, XML, JSON, Websockets, Sockets, Firebase SDK, AWS, • AI - MLKit, ChatGPT API I work with many professional tools, but mostly with: • Xcode & Cocoapods - iOS development tools, • Android Studio & Gradle - for Android development, • Visual Studio Code - for Flutter hybrid development • Git - version control. • Jira, Redmine, Trello, Slack, Bitbucket, Gitlab - as team tools. I have experience of Firebase back-end development with Javascript. I understand imperative and declarative, OOP principles of programming, a lot of architecture patterns, like MVC, MVVM, MVP etc. I have experience of publishing applications in both Appstore & Google Play. I have experience of team leading and project management.

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  • Bluetooth
  • API Integration
  • WebRTC
  • watchOS
  • Problem Solving
  • ChatGPT
  • AV Foundation

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Get started working with Oleksii quickly with these predefined projects.

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