Eyob Abera D.

Eyob Abera D.


Computer vision , NLP , deep learning algorithm designer,

I am a deep learning algorithm designers for a computer vision problems such as object detection, multi mage fusion, object tracking, sematic and instance segmentation, image Enhancement, face recognition, video process like real face and fake face detection, Infrared and Visible Image Fusion, Since start from bachelor I have been working on deep learning algorithms, and published papers in computer vision . Therefore, I am experienced and interested in machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision research area. whether you're trying to win work, finish your personal or industrial tasks-I can help! - I have published conference paper on the 19th ICCWAMTIP conference. (Automatic image contrast enhancement based on Reinforcement learning) as first author - I have published conference paper on 2023 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Digital Technologies. (EEG data denoising based on deep learning) as second author - I have submitted journal paper on the neurocomputing. (A deep learning and image enhancement-based pipeline for infrared and visible image fusion). As first author - I have submitted journal paper on the infrared physics and Technology 2023. (A deep learning based relative clarity classification method for infrared and visible image fusion) As first author If anyone want to collaborate with me as a team I am here to work with you! Regular communication is really important to me, so let's keep in touch!
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