He Z.
Rising Talent

Senior Java Engineer | Full Stack Developer

Strong team spirit, good organization and coordination ability, strong sense of collective honor. Strong self-learning ability, like to study new technology, dare to face and overcome difficulties. 1、Over 9 years experience in J2EE development; 2、Proficient in Java,Familiar with B/S component and framework,Proficient in springboot\springmvc+spring+mybatis development; 3、Proficient in jsp、ajax、html、xml、JavaScript、jQuery and other Page processing technologies; 4、Familiar with Memcache,Redis and other Cache components; 5、Familiar with MySQL DB and relational database principles, ability to perform performance optimization; 6、Familiar with Linux common commands and able to write shell scripts; 7、Familiar with SVN\GIT coding Management tool; 8、Knowledge of modeling languages such as UML, PowerDesigner and other common design tools;


  • Spring Boot
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring Framework
  • Spring Cloud
  • Oracle
  • Mapbox
  • Cesium