Sobia B.

Academic Writing & Data Analyst/Psychologist/SPSS/AMOS/ Qualitative

I am an accomplished and highly skilled academic writer, passionate about delivering exceptional writing services. With a rich blend of 4 years of experience in dissertation and thesis writing and editing. I have finely tuned my abilities to meet and exceed the demands of a diverse range of challenging projects. I have 2 published articles in original research formats and have recently published an article edited volume. I currently have one other paper that has been accepted and is in the publication process, with many more in the pipeline. I am good at working under pressure, taking criticism/feedback, and being an excellent communicator. When you work with me, you get 100% original products. I have extensive graduate training in research methods and writing and look forward to using my writing skills to help you with your research project. Although my deep subject-matter expertise is in all areas of psychology (especially mental health and research psychology), I am a versatile writer who learns quickly, and I have experience writing in a variety of disciplines and styles. I would love to be a part of your writing/research project! Services Offered! Research Proposals: 💡 Specializing in crafting compelling, well-structured research proposals that clearly outline the research question, methodology, and objectives. Scientific Literature Review: 📚 Adept at conducting comprehensive literature reviews, skilfully synthesizing and presenting findings in a clear, concise manner. Research Papers: 📝 Producing high-quality research papers that adhere to academic standards, grounded in original research or analysis. Academic Editing: ✍️ Expertise in enhancing academic papers, including dissertations and journal articles, to elevate clarity, coherence, and quality. Academic Proofreading: 🔍 Meticulously proofreading academic documents to ensure accuracy and eliminate errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. Dissertation Coaching: 👨‍🎓 Offering guidance and support for dissertation endeavors, encompassing research design, data collection and analysis, and comprehensive proofreading. Academic Research: 🔍 Experienced in conducting rigorous original research using quantitative methods, and effectively presenting the findings (Descriptive statistics, T-test, ANOVA, Correlation, Chi-square, Regression models etc) Manual Referencing: 📚 Well-versed in manual referencing styles like APA and MLA ensuring accurate citations and plagiarism-free content. Grammatically Correct Content: ✨ Committed to delivering content that adheres to the highest academic writing standards, free from grammatical errors. 100% Plagiarism-Free Guarantee 💯 Ensuring originality in all work, verified through plagiarism checker software. 100% Manual Work: 💻 Guaranteeing that all work is completed manually, promising the highest level of quality and originality. Adaptable Pricing: 💰 Offering flexible pricing, considering clients' budgets to provide fair and reasonable quotes. Unlimited Revisions: 🔄 Dedicated to client satisfaction, offering unlimited revisions to meet and exceed expectations. 💪 Commitment to Quality: A passionate professional, dedicated to tailoring services to each client's unique needs and exceeding expectations in every project. Whether you need sophisticated academic support for research papers and proposals my blend of skills and experience is tailored to deliver high-quality, professional work that aligns with your needs and surpasses your expectations. I take immense pride in my work and am dedicated to providing exceptional writing services, tailored to the specific needs of each client. If you seek a writer with passion, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence, you've found the right partner in me.


Get started working with Sobia quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Sobia quickly with these predefined projects.

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