Michael H.

More beautiful art for product

Hey, I'm Michael. I hail from the awesome city of Kyiv, Ukraine. I'm an industrial designer with over 10 years of experience in the design field. My main hustle is to help you craft a killer visual vibe for your product, create beautiful product external design product, whip up some slick packaging, and drop jaw-dropping 3D art ilustration, product movie and top-notch marketing swag! And all that graphic CGI marketingI swag). For most of my life, I have been working remotely, collaborating with various companies My clients the worlds top brands: Apple, Visa, Kuka, EarX, Veka Eversense and Dniprom. Services: • Product Branding • Industrial Design Creation • 3D Poly + CAD product modeling • From concept product to final result and packaging • 3D Visualizations, Crafting Outstanding product Illustrations • Generating Animations and FULL CGI clips for Product Promotion • Comprehensive Design and Branding Services for Your Product from • Creating interactive 3D animations for products integrated into web pages. My toolkit consists of my thoughts, as well as: •Fusion 360 •Autodesk Maya •Autodesk 3ds max •Adobe PS Photoshop Thank you for reading my resume – oh, this long text! Thanks for making it through the marathon of words—I tried to keep it short.) Wishing you an absolutely fabulous, sun-soaked day ahead! Cheers!


  • 3D Product Rendering
  • 3D Product Animation
  • 3D Model
  • Brand Design
  • Branding
  • Rendering
  • Modeling