Julien Z.


I am a professional freelance translator offering high quality translation services in multiple languages. With extensive experience in the field, I am able to translate documents, websites, apps, videos and much more. My specialty lies in precise and natural translation that retains the meaning and tone of the source text. My linguistic skills and my ability to understand cultural nuances guarantee faithful and professional translations. Whether you need to translate technical documents, marketing content, user manuals or literary texts, I am here to provide you with top quality translations on time. Services offered: Translation of documents: contracts, reports, articles, etc. Translation of websites and online content. Translation of applications and software. Video subtitling and transcription. Revision and correction of existing translations. Cultural adaptation. Skills: Mastery of source and target languages. Knowledge of computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. Ability to meet tight deadlines. Attention to detail and precision. Compliance with ethical and confidentiality standards. Effective communication with customers to understand their needs. Why choose my services: By choosing my translation services, you benefit from superior linguistic expertise, transparent communication and a commitment to customer satisfaction. I always strive to provide impeccable translations that meet your specific requirements, whether for one-off projects or long-term collaborations. Contact me today to discuss your translation needs and get a personalized quote. I look forward to working with you to successfully complete your language projects!


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