Toru  I.

IONIC, React and Angular Developer

I am developing web and mobile applications using IONIC, React and Angular for the last five years, and have excellent experience in developing a mobile web app from the start to deploy the application. I am experienced in all the major version of React, Angular and IONIC, I am very good at designing the UI for IONIC applications as pixel-perfect with smooth animations and transitions I am following the best industry standards to develop a mobile app and using the latest tools and techniques to make the application looking beautiful with good UI/UX in it. I have a very keen eye for paying attention to the details. I have worked on Firebase as backend, Firebase for Authentication, API calls, Location integration, Maps, Social media integration, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


  • Kotlin
  • Native App Development
  • API Integration
  • Smartphone
  • Hybrid App Development
  • iOS