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Scientist & Dev of E-Commerce AWS, SEO/SMM, Analytics and AI Evolution

I utilize AI tools without pride or shame for the purpose of rapid iteration where github copilot and chatGPT 4 are now the second set of arms and multiple brains I never had before, yet wanted, have over 15 years of experience as a Sr. Application Architect and Systems / Devops Engineer, have had the honor of architecting and building apps for corporate and government agencies using popular frameworks and CMS’. With that, I now have the honor of being a member of the Magento Certification Advisory Board and a Drupal core committer with over 20 years of Javascript development experience where I’ve also taught JS professionally at companies like AT&T with over 10 years of Node.js and 7+ years of React experience currently active with Next.js etc. now with 45 years of age as well as over 20 years of Linux and Windows linux command line experience; that said, I also have 10 years of experience with docker, continuous integration (DevOps) as well as infrastructure as code and as a service experience etc., plus virtual machine and container environment management via KVM and Virtual Box etc. as a full stack front and back end application and data engineer with mysql, MS Sql and nosql (json server and mongodb), corporate and government contract experience accordingly including, yet not limited to: Magento / Adobe Commerce: Implemented custom PHP Modules, block layouts, CSS, HTML & JS for the following Magento 1 & 2 projects; I am also a founding and current member of the Magento Certification Advisory Board: web.archive org/web/20150814060532/http:// magento. com/training/advisory-board ● www M2 - hosted with Magento Commerce Cloud ● www M2 - hosted with Magento Commerce Cloud ● www M2 - hosted with AWS ● www M2 - hosted with AWS ● www - M2 - hosted with AWS ● www - M2 - hosted with LiteSpeed ● www - M1 Enterprise Drupal / Drupal Commerce: I've implemented custom PHP plugins, block layouts, CSS, HTML & JS for the following Drupal projects where the coolest Drupal project isn’t listed i.e. a 9 month contract at Fermi National Laboratory for the Department of Energy as well as being a core commiter as seen with the following google search i.e. “git commit drupal Sean Charles” : ● www (D8 - 10) ● www - (D7) ● www - (D7) ● www - (D6 -7) ● www - (D6 - 7) Woo Commerce & WP Engine: Implemented, Custom PHP Modules, block layout, CSS, HTML & JS for the following Woo Commerce projects: ● www ● I utilize www and pipeline deployments ● www ● www .NET: I’ve implemented custom code, layouts, CSS, HTML and JS for the following .NET projects and more: ● www ● www JavaScript: Over 20 years experience with JavaScript ● Taught Javascript professionally in a classroom setting to employees of companies such as AT&T, Monster.Com, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac as an instructor at www ● JS Framework experience with: ● React ● Next.js ● Vue.js ● Node.js ● Angular ● Backbone ● Have a clear understanding of advanced principles such as ● Prototyping and Closures ● Typescript ● JSON ● Singletons ● Libraries and Library Creation with Closures ● XMLHttpRequests i.e. AJAX ● Front-end DOM Manipulation ● Events and Handlers HTML / CSS / SASS / Photoshop and UX Design Experience ● Cross Browser Compatibility through correct CSS practices ● Bootstrap / Tailwind ● Responsive Web Design with Media Queries ● Utilization of SASS Mixins and Compass ● Pixel Perfect Photoshop to HTML CSS ● Pixel Perfect Figma and Adobe XD to HTML CSS Microsoft Azure used when needed AWS: 10+ years experience ● Ec2 • Instance provisioning • Elastic IP management • EBS Volumes • AMI Image management • Security Groups • VPC Networking • Subnets ● RDS (database management) • Multiple Availability Zones • Read Replicas Custom DB configuration via Option Groups • Custom DB configuration via Option Groups • Automated Backups Database removal protection layer • Database removal protection layer ● Instance Provisioning • Cloud Formation ● ECS Ec2 Container Service (docker) • Highly available docker service clusters • Third party monitoring with Python keep alive scripting ● IAM user and service access management • Users • Permissions and Policies ● Elastic Search (ELK stack) • Pushing logs to ELK ● AWS API • Utilization of the api via command line, python and bash scripts ● Load Balancing • Implementation of ELB service • Configurations of Target Groups ● CI/CD • Integration with Ansible, Bash, Make and Jenkins ● DevOps: • AWS Code Deploy / Pipelines. Microsoft DevOps / Pipelines, Git I do not have a team, yet I'm hoping to join, lead or help grow yours
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  • Sass
  • PSD to HTML
  • AWS Systems Manager
  • Magento 2