Kamal B.
San DiegoCA

UX/UI Expert | Mobile App | SaaS | Dashboard | Web Designer | AI | VR

Get 2X more investor meetings. 🎯 EXPLORE THE DEPTH OF MY OFFERINGS: 📐 HOLISTIC USER RESEARCH: Unveiling actual problems through in-depth analysis. 🎨 CUTTING-EDGE UX/UI: Transforming ideas into interactive prototypes with the LATEST TRENDS and TOOLS. 📊 FINANCIAL-ALIGNED DESIGNS: Captivating users while aligning with your FINANCIAL STRATEGIES. 🖌️ VISUALLY APPEALING INTERFACES: Crafting USER-FRIENDLY and INTUITIVE designs. 🚀 CONTINUOUS OPTIMIZATION: Refining based on USER FEEDBACK and FINANCIAL KPIs. 🎥 VIDEO CREATIONS: Elevating your BRAND through creative and impactful VISUAL STORYTELLING. 🌐 BRANDING: Developing a distinctive BRAND IDENTITY that resonates with your audience. 📈 MARKETING: Strategic approaches to enhance your BRAND'S VISIBILITY and REACH. 📈 BUSINESS STRATEGY: Tailored plans to propel your BUSINESS toward SUCCESS. 📄 WHITE PAPERS: In-depth documents offering VALUABLE INSIGHTS and EXPERTISE. 📊 SLIDE DECKS: Compelling presentations to captivate your AUDIENCE. 🌐 WEBSITES: Design and development for a STANDOUT ONLINE PRESENCE. ⚡︎ While I may not be the perfect fit for everyone, we might be a great match if you resonate with: "Millions are on the line, and I want the BEST." "Our story has evolved since the last round!" "I run my business but need a fresh perspective." "Pitching isn't my expertise, and time is tight!" "Never again to an embarrassing pitch." "I need a foolproof pitch package that tells our story RIGHT." Why Choose me ✅ Certified Expertise: Armed with a UX/UI Design Certificate from General Assembly, I possess a COMPREHENSIVE skill set that extends BEYOND DESIGN. My BUSINESS ANALYSIS skills, across MULTIPLE INDUSTRIES, add a STRATEGIC edge to every project. 📊 Financial Insight: As a BUSINESS ANALYST, I bring a keen understanding of ACCOUNTING, FINANCE PRINCIPLES, MARKETING STRATEGIES and more to the design table. This ensures that every design decision ALIGNS not only with user NEEDS but also with your business OBJECTIVES and FINANCIAL GOALS. 🌐 Holistic Approach: I go beyond the surface. My process involves DEEP user UNDERSTANDING, business ANALYSIS, and a commitment to crafting DESIGNS that contribute to the bottom line. 🛠️ Tech Savvy: Proficient in industry-standard tools such as FIGMA, ADOBE SUITE, WORDPRESS and much more. I LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY to bring your financial VISION to LIFE with precision and EFFICIENCY. 👥 Collaborative Spirit: I thrive in COLLABORATIVE environments, and my business analysis skills enable me to BRIDGE the GAP between DESIGN and business STAKEHOLDERS effectively. Not every business aligns with my clientele; there are indicators that we may not be an ideal match: ✗ Financial difficulties hindering salary payments – a situation I cannot endorse in good conscience ✗ Lack of "Respect for others" as a core value – my preference is collaborating with remarkable individuals whom I hold in high regard. What I seek in a prospective client: ● Values openness and a laid-back approach ● Prioritizes integrity and meaningful relationships ● Commits to continuous improvement, turning intentions into actions ● Aligns with our minimum scope for nothing but the absolute best. 💼 Industries I've Worked With: 📱 SaaS Mobile Applications 📲 💻 SaaS | Cloud Based Software ☁️ 📈 Financial Services 💹 🌐 E-commerce 🛒 🏭 Manufacturing 🏭 ⚡ Energy ⚡ 🚚 Transportation 🚚 🍔 Food 🍕 Let's create a digital masterpiece that not only dazzles users but also contributes to your financial success! ✉️ Let's Discuss: kamal@bennacerdesign.com

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  • User Flow
  • Journey Mapping
  • Figma
  • UX & UI
  • Wireframe & Prototyping Software
  • Persona Development
  • Microsoft Excel