Andrea B.

Content Writer to Make YOU Outstand The Crowd

Do you remember the person that sold you your coffee this morning? Or the stranger that gave you a leaflet about that new car wash along the street? Let's be HONEST. You do not want to be just another stranger on the market that does not communicate with his audience/clients. You want to be successful and also have an impact on the way people perceive you and your brand; to be the friendly one around the corner; to stay close to your audience and make them see you as the reliable ones. To be remembered! So maybe you need to stop keeping clients at arm's length and let them get to know YOU! And if you are searching for somebody to give your content | social media posts | blog posts | articles a relaxed friendliness "vibe" to leave a smile on the reader's face, you are in the right place! My job is to take YOUR message and to convey it in an engaging way so that it serves your audience's interests and to make them feel nice and warm around your presence. (As if you have just added them to your "close friends" list on Instagram :) ) And since I rely so much on intimacy and honesty, I will say it to you straightly - I am still a green writer🌱, with a fresh mind🍏, creative ideas🌈, and eagerness for work🔥, so I believe I have the potential to grow with YOUR company and shape my writing to fit your brand voice. My assistance can cover your content marketing needs and give them a drop of authenticity to be never forgotten👇: 🔴 Blogging 🔴 Copywriting 🔴 Articles 🔴 Reviews 🔴 Social Media Content Other than Writing, I can offer: 📸 Instagram AR Filter - establishing you as THE different brand by catching your audience's attention while they are having fun with your personalized brand AR story filter; 🎧 Transcribing Audio to Text (SALT software); 🇧🇬 English - Bulgarian - English translate (native Bulgarian speaker) I am able to make thorough researches on various topics, however my strengths are: 🟡 Speech and Language Pathology; 🟢 Education; 🔵 Healthcare and Wellness; 🟣 Lifestyle, travel, beauty and fashion; Don't be just another company. Be the one that shines through and is brave enough to cut the distance with the people, reading behind the screen.
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  • Social Media Content
  • General Transcription
  • SALT
  • Spark AR Studio